Zukay Live Foods Raw Beet Ginger Kvass


Raw and live veggie drink! This Raw Beet Ginger Kvass veggie drink is produced by Zukay Live Foods. Their mission is “To increase the nutritional health of Americans by producing all-natural, traditionally made live food products that blend with America’s general culinary habits and that expand America’s palate to other traditional, natural live foods.” Currently, their veggie drinks include: Veggie Medley Kvass, Carrot Ginger Kvass, Beet Ginger Kvass and Beet Kvass.

Zukay Raw Beet Ginger Kvass

The label design on the bottle is pretty attractive and that’s probably the reason why I bought this beverage in the first place. Anyway, upon busting the cap, there’s a strong fresh ginger aroma coming out form the glass bottle with subtle hint of beet scent.  The color of this Raw Beet Ginger is in dark purple and it’s just like the real beet that you see in the supermarket. The texture is very smooth, clean and dense. As for the taste, I didn’t know what to expect, but the very first sip, I couldn’t find the words for the taste, my mind just got blanked out and went “What the hell in the world is this taste?” When your mouth first processes the sip, it felt like you were drinking vinegar, but not that strong compares to your cooking vinegar and there’s a tart taste after you swallows down the sip. As for the Beet or Ginger flavor, they were very difficult to recognize because of the strong fermentation. After finishing half bottle, the drink taste wasn’t that bad at all. There’s no sign of sweet taste since they did not add any sweeteners and for the aftertaste, it leaves you with dryness feeling in your mouth and lingers for a bit.

Zukay Raw Beet Ginger Kvass Flavor

The ingredients for Zukay Raw Beet Ginger Kvass includes: Water, Organic Beets, Organic Ginger, Celtic Sea Salt and Live Active Culture. Also, it contains 20 calorie, 75mg sodium, and 2g of sugar. There’s no yeast, no sweeteners, Gluten free, no preservatives, and it’s raw-never pasteurized.

Zukay Raw Beet Ginger Kvass Facts

Overall, even though it’s healthy and it’s good for your body, the taste is just not for me. For those who likes to drink raw or fresh or fermented drinks, this Zukay’s Raw Beet Ginger might be the one for you. I’m just not used to drink this kind of beverages.


Price:  $1.99

Size:  12 Fl Oz

Aroma: Ginger

Flavor:  Fermented

Calorie:  20

Where to buy:  Here

Website:  Zukay Facebook Twitter

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