ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water Tao Mango


Miracle of hydration and replenishment! ZICO’s delicious and nutritious young green coconuts are hand-harvest from the world. Also, their coconut water is the ultimate hydration drink that rehydrate faster than water according to ZICO. In the past, I have tried Zico’s Lima Citron, Pomeberry, and Pina Tropicale. All of them tasted pretty good and I thought mango can’t go wrong with coconut, so I bought a bottle from Whole Foods Market.

ZICO Coconut Water

After busting the cap, tearing off the plastic wrap, and lift up the cover, the aroma coming out from the bottle wasn’t that strong and it’s difficult to recognize the mango scent if you don’t sniff around the bottle opening for few seconds. The color is and the texture is very close to the bottle water that you drink every day, except Zico Tao Mango is a bit cloudy. The first couple sips you could actually taste the refreshing coconut water. Also, you could feel the cleanness and smoothness of the drink. There’s no Mango flavor in the drink even after you finish half bottle. There’s a little bit of sweetness in the drink and it doesn’t take over the coconut flavor at all. There’s no aftertaste at all and it’s very refreshing after it’s chilled.

Zico Coconut Water

The ingredients for this Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water Tao Mango includes: 100% natural coconut water from concentrate, natural flavors and citric acid. Also, it contains 60 calories in this 14 fl oz bottle. By the way, it has more potassium than one whole banana, supports rapid hydration, gluten free, zero fat, zero cholesterol, zero added sugar and contains 5 essential electrolytes.

ZICO Coconut Water

Overall, the Tao Mango wasn’t that bad except the mango flavor wasn’t that obvious in the drink. I guess I have to go buy the fresh mango and coconut and try to mix it by myself. So far I have tried Zico pure premium coconut water: Lima Citron, Pomeberry, Pina Tropicale and Tao Mango. Out of those flavors, I like the Lima Citron best because of the taste. Now, I’m trying to hunt down the Zico Chocolate! I heard it’s pretty tasty as well.

ZICO Coconut Water


Price:  $1.89

Size:  14 Fl Oz / 413.7mL

Aroma: Mango

Flavor:  Coconut Water

Calorie:  60

Where to buy:   Here

Website:  ZICO Twitter Facebook


  • HSL

    This stuff is like liquid crack.





  • vic

    Trader joes sells it very well…1.49 for the small— 2.29lg.Drink it cold.Mmmmm.


  • The H

    ew… plastic bottle zico from concentrate.


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