ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water: Pina Tropicale


Drink natural coconut water! ZICO coconut water is the ultimate hydration drink that rehydrate faster than water according to ZICO. It has been couple month since last time I tried ZICO coconut water and I heard there’s a new flavor out on the market. So I went to a local supermarket to look for the new Pina Tropicale coconut water and one of the sales men suggested me to try the Natural flavor because he believes that’s the best one. Well, I ended up buying the Pineapple Citrus flavor instead.

After tearing off the plastic wrap, busting the cap and lift up the cover, finally there’s a refreshing pineapple aroma with subtle citrus scent coming out from this attractive bottle that ZICO had designed. Each flavor of ZICO coconut water is matched with the fruit flavor color, but the actual liquid color for each flavor is all the same. The texture is smooth, clean, and cloudy. It’s very similar to the raw coconut water that you get from a freshly opened coconut. The first couple sips tell you that it’s going to be a great drink. It tasted very refreshing, smooth and very easy to drink. When your mouth processes the sip, first you get the pineapple flavor taste with subtle citrus flavor, and then you feel the coconut flavor after you swallow it down. The combination of fruit flavors and coconut water were very well balanced because neither flavor dominates over the other one. Also, the sweet taste was also very well touched because it’s neither overly sweetened or no taste at all. There’s no aftertaste at all and it’s very refreshing after it’s chilled.

For those who are concerned about health benefits, this pure premium coconut water provides more potassium than one whole banana, supports rapid hydration and replenish your whole body. Also, it does not contain any fat, cholesterol or added sugar. Also, it’s gluten free and contains five essential electrolytes: Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Phosphorus. However, there’s 60 calories contained in each bottle. The ingredients that made this natural coconut water are: Natural coconut water, Natural flavors and Citric acid. The coconut water was taken from all the nutritious young green coconuts around the world.

ZICO Pineapple Coconut water is a very enjoyable drink because the combination of aroma and taste. I think this flavor is the best in all the ZICO flavors that they have so far. I definitely recommend this flavor to all of you who love coconut water.


Price:  $1.89

Size:   14 FL OZ/414 ml

Flavor: Pineapple Citrus Coconut Water

Aroma:  Pineapple Citrus

Calories:  60

Where to buy:  Buy

Website:  Twitter ZICO Facebook

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