ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water Lima Citron And Pomberry


With this sizzling hot and humid weather you have got to stay hydrated if you do exercise outside often or you sweat a lot. The other day, I was running under humid weather in a park and couple elderly people passed by shaking their heads because I’m so out of shape that I had to drag my legs to keep move forward. Afterward, I was looking for something that can keep me from getting dehydrated in a local store, and then I saw this whole shelf displayed with ZICO coconut water.  So, I bought two flavors after reading how they use pure coconut water and the description of the product.

Lima Citron Flavor

Upon busting the plastic bottle cap and pear off the seal, there’s a very warm lime aroma coming out and it smells just like the lime scent soap that I use occasionally. The liquid color of this coconut drink looks like contaminated tap water in a cloudy way. The first couple sips were not really sweet and you couldn’t tell if there’s a coconut flavor. As you chuck down more, the coconut flavor starts to come up and you could tell there’s light lime flavor as well from the drink. Obviously the dominate flavor in this beverage is the coconut water and with the subtle hint of lime flavor in the background, it just makes this beverage so tasty. Also, it is very easy to drink because of the light flavor that does not overwhelm the base flavor. There’s no aftertaste at all and it’s very refreshing after it’s chilled.

Pomberry flavor

The aroma for this flavor smells just like other mixed berry or pomberry flavored beverages. The scent coming out of the bottle wasn’t strong or light, it’s just very welcoming. The liquid color is the same as the Lima citron flavor, but I was expecting the color to be red or light red since most berry flavored beverages are like that. After few quick sips, immediately you could tell the pomberry flavor is very light and it seems two flavors do not mix well because you could taste the two different layers of flavors. However, the lightly sweetened taste makes it very enjoyable and easy to drink. After finishing the whole bottle, the tastes did not add on to become stronger. It stays the same throughout the whole time while sipping it down. There’s no aftertaste since its all natural flavor.

For health benefits, it provides more potassium than one whole banana, supports rapid hydration and replenish your whole body. Also, it does not contain any fat and cholesterol. However, there’s 60 calories contained in each bottle. Both flavor used the same ingredients.

ZICO tastes great! I felt a little bit weird while drinking the pomberry flavored ZICO because usually the flavors are associated with the content of water color. Some people have mentioned that by drinking ZICO can avoid cramping. Also, it is good for those who are into light sugar healthy beverage and this one should definitely be on your list to try it if you haven’t taste it yet. Even thought both flavors are not sharp, but it’s very refreshing when it’s chilled.

Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water, Pomberry Flavor, 14-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)

Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water, Lima Citron Flavor, 14-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)


Price:  2.00 Each

Size:  14 Fl OZ / 414ml Each bottle

Flavor:  Coconut Water

Aroma:  Lime, Pomberry

Calories:  60 Each

Where:  Buy

Website:  ZICO Twitter Facebook


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