Zero Calorie Ginger Lemon Peel Flavored Ayala’s Herbal Water


After trying the unique taste of Lemongrass Mint Vanilla herbal water, I thought I’d give another shot at Ayala’s herbal water because I want to see if there are other unique tastes being created by using different flavors combination that you don’t normally see in the market, at least around where I live. I have heard of people using orange peel as a medicine in Asia and they even sell orange peels as snack, but use lemon peel in water beverage? Hm… interesting.

The design of the bottle is similar to the Gold Peak Teas bottle, but the packaging is totally different between the two beverages. As for the color and the texture of the herbal water, both contain the characteristics of being water. After breaking the cap, there’s a very strong lemon scent with a touch of ginger aroma coming out from the bottle and it was very refreshing too. This time I did not expect the herbal water to have herbal taste in it because I had tried one of their herbal water beverages already and the first couple sips were tastes like just normal water as usual. As you drink more, you start to wonder if there’s any flavor in the water because it’s really difficult to sense it with strong aroma coming to your nose every time you sip it. After you chuck down more than half of this herbal water, finally you could sense the subtle lemon taste in it, but as for ginger flavor, “forget about it” forgot which movie was from. Also, the herbal water tastes a bit thicker than regular water that you drink everyday and it gives you the oily feeling too. Nonetheless, it’s quite refreshing and tasty for these two weird flavors combination. As for the aftertaste, there’s a bit of feeling dryness in your mouth.

For the ginger flavor in this herbal water, they used Ginger Root which adds refreshing, bright aroma to the water and they used the fragrant yellow outer layer of the lemon for the lemon scent. Besides these two ingredients, they also added purified water and natural herbal flavor to the beverage as well to make up this unique tasting water beverage. Not sure what exactly health benefits you can get from drinking this beverage, but one thing for sure is that it’s a certified organic delightful refreshment that has no calories, no sugar, no preservative and no artificial ingredients.

Comparing this flavor to the Lemongrass Mint Vanilla flavor, I like the previous flavor better because it’s more unique than this flavor and at least you could taste some of the flavors in the beverage. I still like this herbal water taste because it’s better than some of the water beverages that are out there and if you are herbal person, then you would definitely love this drink.

Ayalas Herbal Water Ginger Lemon Peel, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 12)


Price:  $1.99

Size:  16 Fl OZ / 473ml

Flavor:  Herbal Water

Aroma:  Ginger Lemon Peel

Calories:  0

Where to buy:   Store

Website:  HerbalWater Twitter Facebook

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