Zenify Live Stress Free Drink


Stress Free Drink! I received a case of Zenify stress free drink samples couple days ago for tasting and according to Zenify, “It’s a Zen state of mind which clears away mental clutter to the power of the Phi, which represents the perfect balance between excess and insufficiency. When you drink Zenify, you will be in an extremely relaxed yet focused state and this feeling will allow you to react at peak performance in over-stimulating times. This state of mind is also known as being “In The Flow” or “In The Zone.” As energy supplements increasingly become part of our everyday lives, we believe the answer does not lie in more energy. Instead, it’s about properly harnessing our existing energy without being distracted by our surroundings.”

Zenify Live Stress Free Drink

I think the design on the can was pretty good because it’s simple and similar to other energy drinks based on the overall design. If you open it for the first time, there’s a similar to Vitaminwater type of aroma coming out from the can and it’s very easy to recognize the existence of scent. You do not need to sniff it around the can opening. The Zenify color was close to lightly yellow and the texture was same as soda drinks. As for the taste, the very first sip tasted like carbonated sugar water but not that sweet. After couple more sips, it tasted close to energy drinks that you would normally drink. The lightly sweetened taste didn’t taste like real sugar even thought it said all natural on the can and it also leaves you a subtle bitter taste after you swallow down your sip. As you drink more, you could sense a subtle tart taste as well. I detected dryness lingers around in your mouth for the aftertaste.

Zenify Live Stress Free Drink

The ingredients for this Zenify stress free drink includes: Carbonated Water, Crystalline Fructose, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Reb A (Stevia Leaf Extract), Beta Carotene (for color), Gum Acacia, Ester Gum. Also, it contains 50 calories with13g of sugar. The active ingredients for this stress free drink are L-Theanine, Gaba and Glycine.

Zenify Drink Facts

Overall, the taste of the Zenify stress free drink is pretty good and as for live stress free I’m not sure since I only had two cans of Zenify. I think after drinking couple more cans of Zenify will probably be enough help me to focus and relax. What if you are doing Yoga and drinking this Zenify at the same time?

Zenify Drink


Price:  Sample

Size:  12 FL Oz / 355ml

Aroma: Vitaminwater

Flavor:  Energy Drink

Calorie:  50

Where to buy: Here

Website:  Zenify Facebook Twitter

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    Went to web for free Samples and it said web not found, how do I get this product that I have heard about. Zenify Drink


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