Wendy’s Wild Berry Iced Tea with Berry Almond Chicken Salad


Last night’s NBA final game 2 was another thriller. Since I saw the Wendy’s wild berry iced tea commercial during last nights game between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks, I thought I should give it a try and see if it lives up to the hype. The commercial for this iced tea looked pretty good and the tea was infused with a natural puree of real summer berries. By the way, Dallas missed so many shots with some great open looks.

Wendy’s Wild Berry Iced Tea

The berry aroma coming out from the cup was pretty refreshing and it was easily recognizable. The color of this drink was similar to other iced teas and it’s close to light brown color. The texture was also similar to other cold iced tea drinks that you get from any store that sells it. By the way, you could see the berry seeds in the drink as well. As for the taste, the first couple sips taste unsweetened tea drinks and some how I was expecting something that s really sweet. I guess everyone is changing to non sweet huh. After couple more sips, the berry flavor started to show up, but still it wasn’t easily recognizable. When your mouth processes you sip, first you could sense the berry tea flavor and then ends with a subtle tart taste at the end. As you drink more, the ice cubes started to melt and your flavor gets even less taste. However, there’s a subtle sweet taste that you could sense after finishing half of the drink. The combination of berry flavor, tart taste and lightly sweet taste make this drink pleasant to drink because none of them dominates the flavor. Dryness lingers a bit in your mouth for the aftertaste. As for The berry almond chicken salad, it tasted great and I love the taste of chicken.

Wendy’s Wild Berry Iced Tea

The ingredients for this Wild Berry Iced Tea include: Water, Tea, and wild Berry Puree (blackberries, sugar, corn syrup, strawberries, water, raspberry, natural flavoring, potassium sorbate [preservative], xanthan gum). As for the half-size Berry Almond Chicken Salad:  Iceberg, Romaine and Spring Mix, Asiago Cheese, Blueberries, Strawberries, Home style Chicken Fillet, Fat free raspberry vinaigrette and Almond accents.  More here.

Wendys Wildberry Tea-Berry Almond Chicken Salad

Overall, the wild berry iced tea with berry almond chicken salad was a great combination and I love it. The way they made this tea was by squeezing the wild berry puree from a bottle into the cup and then fills the cup with ice cubes. Lastly, they pour in already brewed unsweetened tea from their machine to the cup and mix it afterwards.

Wendys Berry Almond Chicken Salad


Price:  $6.00

Size:  Medium, Half-Size

Calorie:  100, 270

Where to buy:  Wendy’s

Website: Wendys Facebook Twitter Youtube



  • Monz

    What Wendy’s does not tell you is that they make the drink with an unsweetened tea base but you can request it be made with their sweetened tea. I personally think they should ask the customer if they would like the drink made with sweetened or unsweetened tea since you don’t know you have options until they are presented to you but the employee stated they were specifically instructed not to ask. I prefer the drink made with the sweetened tea base rather than the unsweetened one myself as the sweetener brings out the fruity flavours much more quickly and negates any bitter or flavourless aspects of the drink.



    I was thrilled to find a delicious unsweetened tea option….at a fast food joint of all places! I prefer unsweetened tea. But it is sooo hard to find a good one anywhere. It seems everyone wants their tea drowned in sugar to hide the real taste. Once you switch from sweetened tea, you can recognize and appreciate the subtle differences in different types of tea (hot or cold). I brew fresh iced tea at home (African Rooibus is my current favorite) and sweeten ever so slightly with honey while it’s still hot, before I pour it over ice. But now I have an equally delicious option when I’m on the go!

    Way to go Wendy’s!


  • Dedra

    I have to admit, I was very surprised with the berry tea,I feel Wendy’s have done a brilliant job with coming out with the berry flavorings.So far I’ve tasted the smoothie,parfait,and Berry Tea and they are all delicious!! I would really like to know how they make the tea,The recipe would be great to find on this website.Way to go Wendy’s Keep up the good work on your Berry Ensembles!!


  • Teresa

    The wild berry tea is delicious!

    Good job!


  • Roxanne

    I love love love love love love love LOOOVE THIS TEA!!!! Thank god there is one right by my house…I jut LOOVE it..but sweetened…omg Yummm.


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