Waves in the Coconut Water Market


Epicurex, LLC is poised to enter the coconut water market with its newest health drink, Cocozia. Cocozia is a Kosher, USDA Organic Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified all-natural health drink that will boast a high electrolyte content, no added sugars, and zero fat.

“We love giving people alternatives that are healthy and great tasting,” said Wade Nevill, VP of Marketing for Epicurex, LLC. “And Cocozia is a perfect example. It tastes great, it’s refreshing, and best of all, it’s completely free from anything artificial. That’s exactly the kind of choice we want to provide our customers.”

Cocozia is being billed as a healthy and natural alternative to soft drinks and energy drinks that are heavy in preservatives, fat, and sugar. Coconut water is naturally free of fats, and is chock-full of the electrolytes Magnesium and Potassium, with Calcium and Sodium also included. In fact, you’ll find the same amount of potassium drinking a glass of coconut water as you will by eating a couple of bananas.


And while Epicurex will in part be marketing Cocozia to athletes and sports aficionados, it has also set its sights on those health-conscious consumers that are becoming much more aware of the potential consequences of genetically modified and processed foods. “We see a growing demand for products that are strictly non-GMO,” said Mr. Nevill. “We wanted to assure our Customers that Cocozia is 100% all-natural. That’s why we are Non-GMO Project Verified. The coconuts we use have no artificial growth hormones, nor have any other ingredients been genetically altered.”

Because Epicurex is intent upon keeping Cocozia preservative-free, it has joined forces with Tetra Pak, which states that by using its packaging products remain “…shelf safe without the need for any preservatives….” This alliance will assure that Cocozia contains no GMOs and other artificial substances.

Epicurex will be promoting Cocozia through a wide range of channels, and expects it to be a strong performer in the coconut water marketplace. Cocozia will join a growing list of USDA-approved organic beverages that are either distributed or directly manufactured by Epicurex.
About Epicurex LLC

Epicurex LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of exotic beverages. The company focuses on bringing unique and original all-natural organic drinks to its Customers. The company’s mission is to provide only top grade products that taste great and contribute a lot to a healthy lifestyle.

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