Watermelon Coolatta From America Runs On Dunkin


America Runs on Dunkin introduced “Keep in Coolatta 2” last week for this year summer drink. Also, Dunkin Donut wants your help to create the coolest summer music play lists because they are sponsoring custom play list on Pandora to give their customer a chance to play the DJ. I saw the Keep it Coolatta 2 commercial from 2010 NBA Final game 7 between the Lakers and Celtics last night and I thought I should give it a try because I never had any frozen drinks form Dunkin Donuts before.


The moment I saw the drink in front of me, I thought “oh cool, it’s slurpy.” Before I taste the drink, I want to smell it first to see if it has the scent of the ingredient in the drink. After sniffing like a dog, the conclusion was similar to a Pina Colada drink. Why would Dunkin Donut serve cocktail drinks? After first few sips, it gives me an impression that it’s going to be an ok drink rather than “wow” drink and it’s definitely over sweet. Also, there’s no natural watermelon taste or not even the natural sugar taste. It’s just sweet in a weird way and I some how kept on thinking its Pina Colada. As the ice starting to melt, the drink taste a lot less sweet and at the same you really can’t taste any watermelon flavor. I think the slurpy from 7 eleven is way better than this drink even though both are consider frozen drinks. The aftertaste is all about the left over sweetness in your mouth.


Looking from the health perspective, there really isn’t any thing that’s worth mentioning. See for your self here


For me, I’m not sure if I will buy it again. It’s just not my taste. Maybe I will try their blue raspberry flavor Coolatta since it’s their newly introduced flavor.


Price:  $3.26

Size:  16 FL OZ

Flavor:  Watermelon

Aroma:  Nothing but air

Nutrition:  None

Calories:  250

Where:  Local Dunkin Donut Store

Website: Facebook Twitter Dunkin Donuts


  • Ultimate Home Business

    looks so yummy!


  • Chloe

    Lol a small for $3.25! A medium is $3! For me



    You must live in a different place than New York City


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