Wahaha Nutri-Express (哇哈哈营养快线) Juice Milk Drink


I just bought a pack of Wahaha Nutri-Express juice milk drinks from an Asian Supermarket and according to Wahaha, “Nutri-Express Drink is a new milk-shake product for Chinese people according to their dietary constitutes and nutrition condition. It is a perfect combination of fruit juice and milk, providing not only the nutrition and calcium from milk, but also the abundant vitamins from juice. With its innovative package, fresh taste and abundant nutrition, Wahaha Nutri-Express Drink has been accepted by many consumers as part of their nutrition breakfast, and it is greatly welcomed ever since its launch.”

Wahaha Nutri-Express

The design of the bottle is very attractive and I like the color as well. Upon opening the cap and the seal, there’s a refreshing milk aroma coming out of this little cute bottle with subtle hint of sour scent. The color and the texture are the same as the regular milk that you buy in supermarket. The first couple sips tasted similar to sweet sour cream. The milk flavor tasted a bit thick, the flavor was very well balanced between the juice flavor and the milk flavor. When your mouth processes your sip, first you will feel the sweet creamy milk flavor, and then you get hit by the sour juice taste after your swallow down the sip. Also, it’s very smooth and pleasant to drink. There’s no aftertaste for this drink.

The ingredients for this Nutri-Express contains: Water, Whole Milk Powder, Apple juice concentrate, White Sugar, Carboxymethylcellulose, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Sodium citrate, Sodium tripolyphosphate, Guar Gum, Aspartame, Acesulfame, Xanthan gum, Nisin, Vitamin E, Emulsified silicone oil, Food flavor, Taurine, and Zinc citrate. Also, it has less than 10% of juice and contains less than 30% of milk.

Over all, I like this Wahaha Nutri-Express Juice Milk Drink because it reminds of me a brand named called little rabbit that makes milk candy and I used to eat all the time when I was little. Anyway, after reading the ingredient list and doing research about this product online, there are cases related to this product that has resulted in kids throwing up after drinking it. I don’t think I will drink it again and why they are selling it in the supermarket here in U.S.A?


Price:  $3.59 a Pack

Size:  280ML

Flavor:  Juice Milk

Aroma:  Milk


Where to buy:  Asian Supermarket

Website:  Wahaha


  • guerfi zoheir

    am so intersted about your drink milk because when i was in china and taste your drink i like it so did you mind to give me more information about your company and i want to do with you colaboration here in algeria
    i mean to allow me produce the same drink undre the name of yours and pay what all the frait
    waitnig your replay


  • sally

    where we can I see the expiry date?


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