Vitaminwater Vital-t lemon Iced Tea Drink


Do you drink Vitaminwater? The Coca-Cola Company introduced two new flavors of Vitaminwater: Vitamin Refresh and Vitamin Vital-t. The Refresh is a tropical mango flavored with other natural flavors drink and the Vital-t is a lemon iced tea flavored with other natural flavors drink. I got both of them from Stop&Shop and its available nationwide. I will review Vital-t first because they call it a nutrient enhanced tea beverage.

Vitaminwater Vital-t Lemon Iced TeaThere’s a strong tea aroma coming out from the bottle after you open it up. The aroma smelled just like any other iced tea beverages that you see on the shelves in your local supermarket. If you really want to compare it then I would said it’s close to Lipton Iced tea drinks. In terms of the color and texture, there wasn’t anything that’s different from other iced tea drinks. As for the taste, the very first sip tasted light with subtle hint of tea flavor after you swallow down the sip. After couple more sips, it tasted just like any branded iced tea drinks that’s out there in the market with exception of a subtle difference in terms of the taste of the water. Not sure exactly what the right word for it but let’s just call it “Vitaminwater” taste. As for the lemon taste, it was not overly strong and it balanced well with the tea. Also, the drink didn’t come with strong sweet taste either compares to other branded lemon iced tea drinks. As result, it provided a much better experience for a person who’s not fan of sweet taste. Normally, when comes to Iced Tea drinks, you won’t get any heart rate increase but this drink did because it contains about 25-32 mg caffeine due to natural variations in tea according to their label. As for the aftertaste, the lemon tea smell wasn’t that strong because I asked someone to smell it right after I finish drinking it.

Vitaminwater Vital-t Lemon Iced TeaThe ingredients for this Vitaminwater Vital-t Lemon Iced Tea includes: Reverse Osmosis Water, Crystalline Fructose, Cane Sugar, less than 1% of: tea powder, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Vitamin C ( ascorbic Acid), Potassium Phosphate and Calcium Lactate and Magnesium Lactate (electrolyte sources), Vitamin E (alpha-tocopheryl acetate), Vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) and contains about 25-32 caffeine due to natural variations in tea.

Vitaminwater Vital-t lemon Iced Tea


Price: $1.50

Size: 20 Fl OZ ( 591 ml)

Calories: 120 Calories per bottle

Where to buy: Stop&Shop

Website: Vitaminwater Facebook Twitter

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  • Patrick Sweeney

    I really love the vital t and can’t find it anymore


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