Unique Shop Carries Full Of Soda Drinks


For those who are soda fans or loves to try out different flavor soda drinks, then this store is the place for you. Chow.com did a documentary on a Los Angeles based mom-and-pop store called Galco’s Pop Stop that sells nothing but soda and the NPR.org did a story about the shop as well. “Galco’s Soda Pop Stop first opened as an Italian grocery store in downtown Los Angeles in 1897. John Neese inherited the store from his father and, in the ’90s, switched his inventory to often hard-to-find types of soda and beer.” The store has over 450 different sodas in glass bottles including imported ones and half forgotten candies (not sure what kind of candies). I wish there was one store like that in NYC.

Glaco Pop Stop

Image logo from Glacos Pop Stop website.

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