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I received a sample package from Tipu’s to try out their Authentic Indian chai. Since I’ve never tried any chai before and do not know what to expect, I just followed their instructions and hoping for the best. According to TIPU’S, their goal is to introduced the best quality, authentic, Indian chai to the North American market. Their recipes have been handed down through three generations of the founder’s family and Tipu’s chai was originally served in a popular Indian restaurant that started in Missoula, MT in 1997. Also, they “blend their own mix of spices and organic Indian tea to create a bold, comforting balance of spiciness and depth. Passed from my grandmother to my mother and then to me, this recipe has traveled a long way from Gujarat in India to Africa, England, Montana and now to your very own cup. Enjoy in health. – Bipin Patel, President”

Instant Black Chai

As you can see from the picture below, it is a gold foil pouch with red bold letters. When you open it for the first time, there’s a strong burning incense kind of aroma coming out and the powder inside the pouch looks like the powder that people use for dying their hair. I followed the instruction on the back of the pouch and instead of milk; I used non-sweetened soymilk. The color of the beverage turned similar to chocolate milk and smells very pleasant. The first couple sips tasted weird because I have no clue what the taste suppose to be and my mouth was feeling all spicy before adding any sweeteners. I thought everything was going to dissolve after you stir the beverage, but not the case and I guess those small particles floating belongs to the spice ingredients. After I added sugar to the beverage, it became very easy to drink and less spicy in your mouth. Some how, I like the aroma more than the taste of the beverage itself after adding soymilk with sugar.

Original Chai Slow Brew

The aroma coming out from this original chai slow brew was similar to the instant black chia, but a bit less spicy. The powder inside the uniquely designed plastic bag was a lot like dirt. It’s not as smooth as the powder in the instant black chai. You could actually see small pieces of leaves mixed with the powder. Again, I followed the instruction on the back of the plastic bag to make the beverage. In the beginning, when you sip it for the first time, it tasted sort of like milk tea that you get for $1.50 in Chinese bakery store. Not only did it tasted similar but also the texture as well. However, after few sips, you will realize that the scent of Chai is a lot stronger comparing to the tea after you mixed with milk and it smells more pleasant too. Also, it left a spicy sort of flavor in your mouth after your mouth processed the sip. Since I did not put a lot of sugar while making this Chai, the taste came out a little bit bland, but after I added more teaspoons of sugar, the taste got much better. Sweetness solves everything! This slow brew Chai was very easy to drink, smooth and tasty, but the amount of small leaves in the Chai was way too much.

For those who are concerned about health benefits, Tipu’s “use only the finest spices and fresh ginger to brew our Concentrates(Original, Decaf). These are USDA Certified Organic, kosher certified, and are made with fair trade tea. Our Black Chai instant is the only instant chai mix on the market made with no chemical additives. A very versatile product, it has been used in home and commercial settings for hot and iced chai as well as to successfully craft ice-cream, gelato, handmade chocolate and baked goods.” As for calories, depends on how much milk or soymilk you put in when you are making the drink. They use organic black tea mixes with non-irradiated spices.

I’m not sure if this chai is the real deal, since this is first time I’m trying chai and do not have any other experiences related to it, but it’s been quite an experience for me. For those who likes to try new stuffs, you might want to put Tipu’s on your to try list. It’s more fun making the drink slowly rather then just uses the instant package. Both instant black Chai and original Chai Slow Brew tasted a bit different in terms of their spicy level. One thing I like about Chai is that you get to choose what kind of sweetener you want to use and how much you want to put it in. I have one question for the slow brew: Why do you have to put water first, then milk, can you just mix them together first and then put it in at once?


Price:  Samples

Size:   4oz  and Instant Black Chai

Flavor:  Spicy Milk Tea

Aroma:  Burning Incense

Calories:  Depends on what you mix with

Where to buy:  Buy

Website: Chai Facebook Twitter


  • Mark

    Hi Steve

    This is Mark from Tipu’s Chai. Thanks very much for taking the time to review our chais! To answer your question re: the milk and water, we recommend steeping the chai mix in the water first and then adding milk for 2 reasons. First, that is the traditional preparation method in India, and secondly, it is done this way to allow the fullest amount of flavor from the tea and spices to be released before adding the milk.

    Also, there is always a residual amount of spice that doesn’t completely dissolve, which is intentional on our part. To make a fully soluble instant chai would involve using flavor essences and other less natural production methods, that we avoid. We hope that the spice residue will confirm to our fans that they are drinking real chai.

    And thanks for the great photos and video. Would you mind if I linked them to Tipu’s facebook site? Have a look here: http://www.facebook.com/TipusChai





    Ah, thats why the water was added first. Thank you for answering the question and I don’t mind linking it to your Facebook site at all.


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