The Uncola 7UP Retro Soda Drink


Throwback time! After visited almost every retail stores around where I live, I finally found recently introduced retro drink from 7UP at Target. The 7UP retro was made available for 12 oz cans and 12 oz glass bottles. For me, I only found the ones that were available for the cans in a 12 packs package. The two retro-inspired 7UP 12 packs were designed by The Celebrity Apprentice finalists Marlee Matlin and John Rich. If you want a bit more details, the 1970’s Disco theme “Feel the Love” was design by Marlee Matlin and the 1980’s theme was designed by John Rich.  By the way, 7UP Retro is made with real sugar.

The Uncola 7UP Retro Soda Drink

Upon opening the can, there’s a lightly sweetened lemon lime aroma coming out from the can and it’s some what difficult to sense it in the beginning but after sniffing it for couple more seconds you could tell the existence of the lemon lime scent in the drink. The color and the texture were just like tap water that you drink every day with the exception of carbonation. As for the taste, you need to chill it first before you start drinking it because it tastes totally different. The first couple sips tasted crisp and clean. The sweet taste wasn’t overly sweetened like other throwback drinks. After couple more sips, if the drink used HFCS for sweetener, you probably got the dryness feeling already but not in this case.  When your mouth processes your sip, you could sense a lot of bubbles in your mouth and there’s a subtle bitter taste at the end after you swallow it down. The lemon lime flavor wasn’t that strong either and it stayed that way through out the whole can while I was drinking it. it was very smooth and pleasant to drink. The aftertaste wasn’t bad at all and I was expecting my mouth full of sweet taste.

The Uncola 7UP Retro Soda Drink

The ingredients for this natural flavored 7UP Retro Soda drink include: Filtered Carbonated Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Potassium Citrate, Natural Flavors, Calcium Disodium EDTA (To Protect Flavor). Its caffeine free, made with real sugar, and contains 140 calories for each 12 fl oz size can. The amount of sugar in each can is 38g and contains no juice either.

The Uncola 7UP Retro Soda Drink

Overall, the taste was pretty good and if you can find it you should try it. As for the refreshingly natural flavors, I’m not sure about that but it tasted some what pleasant. I like the 70’s design better than the 80’s design because it gives you the feeling of retro.
The Uncola 7UP Retro Soda Drink


Price:  $.60 /Each Can

Size:  12 FL OZ / 355mL

Aroma: lemon lime

Taste:  lemon lime

Calorie:  140

Where to buy:  Retail Store

Website: 7UP Twitter Facebook

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