The Premium Puerto Rican Caliche Rum


Only for those who are old enough to drink! Puerto Rico is known throughout the world for its excellent rum. The noble tradition of producing the most refined and exquisite rum is an art that has been cultivated for more than 145 years by Destilería Serrallés, the birthplace of Caliche Rum. This new, super-premium white rum is a collaborative product from sixth-generation rum maker, Roberto Serrallés and hospitality/nightlife impresario, Rande Gerber. Caliche Rum is crafted in the spirit of the creators’ loyalty to their values, pride in their products and commitment to an exciting consumer experience.

The Premium Puerto Rican Caliche Rum


The name “Caliche” comes from a type of limestone, a sedimentary rock that cements other materials together. It’s found worldwide, particularly around Destilería Serrallés in Ponce, Puerto Rico. This name was chosen because Caliche is considered a foundation for bringing elements together, in the same way that Caliche Rum brought together two men who share a passion for crafting super-premium white rum.


The Serrallés manufacturing process is characterized by a multiple-distillation system and carbon-active filtration, which produces clean, pure rum. The artisanal aging in American white oak casks and careful blending are exclusive recipes of the Serrallés family that have been perfected through six generations. Caliche Rum contains, as part of its blend, a portion of Solera, giving it a depth and intricacy not found in ordinary oak-aged rums. Solera is a process of aging by fractional blending, resulting in an end product that is a mixture of ages.


Unlike most white rums, which are made from products very light in composition, the slow blending process gives Caliche Rum an extremely smooth, modern taste. When you sip Caliche Rum, you’ll taste an immediate smooth, rum flavor with a velvety texture that coats your palate, followed by hints of caramel and vanilla. A soft, crisp essence lingers slightly then cleanly disappears with light tannins and oak flavor remaining.

“From my experience as a successful restaurant and bar owner across numerous markets,” states Rande Gerber; “I saw an untapped market in the super-premium white rum space due to limited options for rum drinkers. After meeting Roberto and learning more about his family rum-making tradition, we knew we could make the highest quality rum at an accessible price point.”

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Price:  $24.99

Size: 750ML

Flavor: Smooth Modern taste with Caramel and Vanilla hints.

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