The Original China Cola Made With Chinese Herbs


The first time I saw this China Cola, my reaction was “you’ve got to be kidding me, they are copying Cola now?” After reading the label, the cloud in my mind has been cleared. For those who like to drink Coke Cola, then this China Cola might be another alternative for you when you have the need to drink Coke Cola because it has no preservatives, caffeine free and not sweet at all. The reason why it’s called China Cola is because it’s made with Chinese herbs. However, it’s not a product of China, it is from Reed’s.

Upon busting the cap, there’s a cola aroma coming out from the bottle and it smells just like the regular cola you see in the supermarket. As for the color and texture, they were similar to the regular cola, but it was little bit darker and a lot less carbonation in the beverage. The first couple sips were just taste like normal cola that you drink everyday and it was refreshing too. As you drink more, you will notice this cola was not as sweet as the regular ones that you see on the shelves and it felt like the sweetness was kind of fake, maybe because of the Chinese herbs in the cola. However, it’d have the clean, crisp taste to it and makes it very pleasant to drink. Also, after you chuck down half of the bottle cola, the sweetness taste did not stay long in the mouth due to the effect of the raw cane sugar ingredient. Even thought it says this cola was made with Chinese herbs, but I did not sense any herbs in this beverage. The aftertaste is same as the normal coke cola.

This original China cola contains 135 calorie and 34.4g of sugar. Now the sugar amount is little too much, but compares to other soda, I think it’s not that bad. The sweetness of this cola is coming from the raw cane sugar ingredient and besides that, they have added: Szechuan Peony root, Cassia Bark, Malaysian Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cloves, Licorice, Cardamon, oils of lemon, lime … etc to the recipe. I didn’t know Peony root can be used as part of the beverage recipe and I thought Cassia Bark was used for medicine only.

Never thought cola can be made using herbs and still come out with a fantastic taste. This cola should be considering one of the best cola taste beverage that’s out there on the market. Even thought it’s a bit expensive for a soda, but it’s worth it because of the taste. By the way, it is very hard to find and I Just added this cola to my favorite list!

China Cola, Soda China Cola 4Pk, 48-Fluid Ounce (6 Pack)


Price:  $1.49

Size:  12 Fl OZ / 354ml

Flavor:  Natural Cola

Aroma:  Cola

Calories:  135

Where to buy:   Store

Website:  Reed Facebook Twitter


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