The Anti Hangover Remedy Beverage ResQwater


I received two flavors of anti hangover relief beverages from ResQwater the other day for review. One of them is the Pomegranate ResQwater and the other one is the Peach ResQwater. I think the idea behind ResQwater is to allow people drink as much as they want and not worrying about not having energy for the 7am meeting next day. In order to see if ResWater works or not, you have to have a hangover because it’s an anti hangover relief drink. Since I’m not an alcoholic person and there’s no alcohol in the fridge, for this review I have to get some beers or shots to test it out.


Upon opening the cap, oh man, there’s a heavy Chinese medicine aroma like scent coming out of the bottle and it reminds of me the fluid that I had to drink before the colonoscopy which is quite painful. The color of this ResQwater drink is close to someone who had just coughed out some blood after drinking a lot of alcohols, but the texture is very smooth and clean for this anti hangover beverage. For the first couple few sips, I had to hold my nose with one hand in order for me to drink this anti hangover beverage because of the strong aroma. It tastes like tap water but with not so convincing pomegranate flavor. As you drink more, the flavor starts to grow on you and it takes over the heavy aroma smell in your head and start to think that it’s not bad. There’s not so much aftertaste in this anti hangover beverage, but it sure leaves a strong scent in the cup.


As for the Peach flavor ResQwater, there’s a heavy peach like medicine pill aroma coming out of the bottle when you open it for the first time. For this flavor, at least I can smell the peach flavor in the aroma where as the pomegranate, you can’t sense anything. Also, I don’t need to hold my nose to drink it because kind of used to the scent. The color of this ResQwater looks like what I just pissed out after couple beers and now I have to drink it all back? Well, for the purpose of this test, I did. The texture is also smooth, clear and clean. As for the taste, the first couple sips were similar to the previous flavor where you don’t quite get the flavor right away, rather builds on it when you drink more of it. The peach flavor is actually more appealing than the pomegranate in terms of the taste.  Again, there’s no aftertaste and it does leaves a heavy scent in the bottle or in the cup.

As for health benefits, ResQwater helps you to avoid feeling hangover.  It is recommended that people should drink it after you finish drinking your beer, wine or anything that contains alcohol. Some of the ingredients used to make this hangover remedy are: Sucrose, Sodium Chloride, Malic Acid, N-Acetyl L-cysteine, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Natural Flavors, vitamins … etc.

I never had anything like this before and it was a quite interesting experience.  I’m curious about whether you should drink this water if you are throwing up? I did not drink that much alcohol and maybe that’s why I did not get the obvious effect of drinking ResQwater, but I noticed that I did feel better after drinking two bottles of this alcohol remedy in short period of time. So the final answer is yes, it does work.


Price:  Review

Size:  16 Fl OZ / 473ml

Flavor:  Peach, Pomegranate

Aroma:  Weird Medicine Pill

Calories:  50 each bottle

Where to buy: Buy

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