Taco Bell New Piña Colada Frutista Freeze Drink


Another hot day! I saw the Taco Bell New Piña Colada Frutista Freeze advertisement and I thought I should give it a try since it can help me to cool down my body during this hot weather. According to Taco Bell, “It’s a refreshing, frozen Piña Colada flavored drink garnished with a Real lime wedge that makes every sip taste like summer”. It’s available in two thirst-quenching sizes-16 oz and 20 oz. Think outside of the bun people!

Taco Bell New Piña Colada Frutista Freeze

The aroma coming out from the cup was a bit light and you had to sniff it around like a dog looking for food in order for you to get the Piña Colada aroma. The color of this Frutista Freeze looked similar to pure white. As for the texture, even though it’s called Frutista Freeze, it’s more like Seven Eleven Slurpee with an extra small slice of lime on top of the drink. Also, the straw used for this Freeze was the same as the one you use for Slurpee. The slice of the lime wasn’t as fresh as you thought it would be because it looked like been sliced up for quite a long time ago. As for the taste, the first couple sips tasted nothing but lightly sweet slush. As you continue to sip from the bottom of the drink, the sweet taste increases and other flavors started to show up. When your mouth processes your sip, first you could sense the coconut flavor with subtle pineapple taste and then ends with the so call rum taste after you swallow it down. After finishing half of the drink, the sweet taste didn’t add up and the overall taste got better as the slush started to melt. The Piña Colada flavor becomes clearer and it just gets better after that. There’s no aftertaste for this Frutista Freeze.

Taco Bell New Piña Colada Frutista Freeze

The ingredients for this new Taco Bell  Piña Colada Frutista Freeze include: Sugar, Treated water, Citric acid, Natural flavor, Yucca extract, Sodium benzoate (preserves freshness), Potassium sorbate, (preserves freshness) and a small slice of Lime.   Here

Overall, in the beginning I really didn’t like the taste because it didn’t taste real, but as you kept on sipping it. The taste actually got better and it wasn’t that bad after all. I was surprise that the taste! If you like Piña Colada, I think  you should give it a try.


Price:  $2.49 include Tax

Size:  16 FL OZ /

Aroma: Piña Colada

Taste:  Piña Colada

Calorie:  220

Where to buy:  Local Taco Bell Store

Website: TacoBell Facebook Twitter Youtube



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