Taco Bell Mountain Dew Distortion Freeze


MTN Dew Distortion is back! It’s available at Taco Bell as a Freeze along with MTN Dew Typhoon Freeze.  How does it taste comparing to the regular bottled Distortion? Well, the Distortion Freeze didn’t taste anything different in the beginning and I thought it was just a regular mountain dew drink. Also, according to the Taco Bell’s website, “The Mtn Dew® Distortion Freeze is a refreshing frozen soft drink with the flavor and energy of Mtn Dew® and a blast of Sour Lime.” There was no sour lime taste right away when you started sipping, but you could recognize the lime in the Freeze. If you let the slushes melt a bit, then you might get to sense the subtle sour taste in the sip. The sweetness in the Freeze wasn’t that sweet either due to slushes I guess, but the 47g of sugars was definitely there for a 16 Fl oz size according to their nutrient facts table. After the slushes had melted, the drink itself becomes a regular Mtn Dew Distortion drink. Everything that was hiding in the slushes becomes available.

Tabo Bell Mtn Dew Distortion Freeze

For 16 FL OZ size, it contains 200 calories, 60 sodium (mg), 51 carbohydrates and 47 sugars (g)

Taco Bell Mountain Dew Distortion Freeze



Size: 16 FL OZ /403 g

Calories: 150

Where to buy:  Taco Bell

Websites:  Taco Bell Facebook

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