T2U All Natural Authentic Pomegranate Green Tea


Experience the health benefits and refreshing taste of T2U. A flavorful way to stay young! According to T2U, this drink will make you discover the new fountain of youth and this Pomegranate green tea is uniquely blended using Pomegranate Juice with Green Tea extract, just like the name says. Also, the Green Tea leaves are organic and hand picked from an environmentally clean region. They are roasted three times in an iron pad at 480F, dried in the shade for 10 days and brewed for 11 minutes to extract the optimum concentration. So, I guess it should taste perfect right?

T2U Pomegranate Green Tea

I really like the design on the bottle because it simple and attractive. It does give you the impression of a high premium tea beverage kind of feeling and the aluminum bottle is very light, but it won’t break if you drop it on the concrete floor which is very useful. Upon twisting the cap, there’s a lightly sweetened mixed aroma of green tea and pomegranate coming out from the bottle. The first couple sips tasted a bit weird because of not sure what the taste was like and it’s difficult to tell the flavors in the drink, but after couple more sips, the flavors start to show up. There’s a bit of sour taste after you had chuck down half bottle of this drink, but the Pomegranate flavor was very well balanced with Green tea. Neither flavor was over dominates the other. The drink itself wasn’t overly sweetened and the more you drink, the more essence of green tea you could sense after your mouth process the drink. Also, it tasted very smooth after you swallow it down the sip and it’s refreshing and clean. There’s a bit of carbonation in the drink as well, so it’s sort of a Green Tea soda drink.  There’ no aftertaste for this Green tea.

T2U Pomegranate Green Tea

This T2U Pomegranate Green Tea contains 60 calories, 16g of sugar and 16g of carbohydrates. The ingredients include: Brewed Organic Green Tea using water, Organic Green Tea Leaves, Organic Sugar, Honey, Citric Acid, Vitamin C, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavor (Pomegranate), and Natural color (Red Cabbage). This drink contains powerful anti-oxidants that support your healthy immune system, healthy cardiovascular system and healthy blood sugar levels. Also, it contains rich vitamin C with additional benefit of support healthy bones. One thing I’m curious about is, on their website, the natural color says berry color and on the bottle it says Red cabbage, why?
T2U Pomegranate Green Tea

Overall, I like this drink because the balance tastes of pomegranate and green tea and all the health benefits that you can get from drinking it. If you haven’t tried it yet, go try it now only if you can find it though.


Price:  $1.99

Size:  16 FL OZ / 470mL

Flavor:  Pomegranate Tea

Aroma:   Pomegranate

Calories:  60

Where to buy:   Here

Website:  T2U Facebook Twitter

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