Steaz Zero Calorie Sparkling Green Tea


Over the weekend, I received a package of Steaz Zero Calorie sparkling green tea to try out and this Steaz Zero Calorie is the first USDA certified organic fair trade carbonated soft drink. It received two Best Of 2009 awards from BevNet: Best New Organic Product and Best New Carbonated Beverage. The Zero Calorie comes with four organic flavors: Raspberry, Orange, Black Cherry and Blueberry Pomegranate. It is made with organic ingredients and sweetened with natural sweetener (Stevia, Erythritol). It is also considered an alternative for diet soda drinkers because there are no calories, no carbs and no sugar in the beverage. In addition, it seems to be a perfect fit for health and weight conscious consumers in modern days.

Orange Zero Calorie

Upon opening the cap with my palm, there’s a lightly sweetened orange aroma coming out of the bottle and it’s a bit lighter than the orange juice that you buy from your local supermarket. The first couple sips tasted bland, but after couple more sips down the throat, there’s a subtle taste of orange flavor in your mouth. Even thought the texture and color of the beverage looks similar to other orange flavored soda, but the feeling you get from drinking Zero Calorie, is a lot more different. Also, there’s a bit of bitter taste after your mouth processed your sip and the carbonation is a lot less than regular soda that you drink every day, as result; it makes the flavor more appealing for the taste. In addition, the liquid is a lot a thicker compares to other soda and it’s not overly sweetened. However, there’s no recognizable green tea flavor in it. After you chuck down half bottle of this orange with sparkling green tea, it feels like you are drinking natural fresh orange flavor beverages. There’s no aftertaste for this Steaz zero calorie orange flavor sparkling green tea. Check it on YouTube.

Raspberry Zero Calorie

There’s a strong berry scent coming out from the bottle after you open it for the firs time. The color of the drink, as you can see from Youtube, is very close to raw raspberry color and the texture is clearer than the orange Zero Calorie. Also, the carbonation appears to be a bit more than the orange flavor. After trying the orange flavor, I expect the taste to be the same in terms of how the flavor reacts in your mouth after you sip it. The first sips tasted exactly like the orange flavor where it’s hard to tell whether the flavor is there or not. The flavor dissolves very fast after you sip it. The sweetness wasn’t that obvious either because of how fast it goes away. Some how, this flavor gives me a feeling like I’m drinking a beer because of the aroma. Again, there’s a feeling of bitterness after you swallow the sip. Also, there’s no sign of green tea, but there’s a subtle medicine kind of taste in the flavor.

Black Cherry Zero Calorie

The black cherry aroma coming out from the bottle wasn’t as strong as the previous two flavors when you open it for the first time. The color of black cherry is very close to the color of raspberry and the texture for both are very similar as well. The carbonation in this Steaz flavor appears to be more than the orange flavor. For the first couple sips, you could actually taste the black cherry flavor, but it’s very subtle. After your mouth processed the sip, it seems to leave a bitter taste behind it, but not as obvious or as strong as the previous two flavors. Also, the sweetness seems to be a little stronger than orange and raspberry flavors. The taste is very refreshing, crisp and smooth. Just like the previous flavors, there’s no aftertaste in this black cherry as well.  See it on Youtube

Obviously these Steaz sparkling green tea has no calories since it’s called zero calorie. The ingredients that they used to make these sodas are the same for all three flavors: Sparkling filtered water, organic erythritol (natural Sweetener), organic purple carrot juice, Fair Trade certified Ceylon green tea, citric acid, sodium, Rebiana (Stevia extract, natural sweetener), vitamin C, B6, B12, and folic acid. The main benefit that comes from Zero Calorie is the 120mg of natural tea antioxidants.

Overall, the taste wasn’t so bad, but if I had to choose one I would pick the orange flavor because it tasted more natural to me comparing with other two flavors. If you haven’t tried the Zero calorie with sparkling green tea from Steaz, you should try it if you care to explore.  Thank you for sending Steaz sparkling with green tea drinks!


Price:  Samples

Size:  12 Fl OZ / 355ml — each bottle

Flavor:  Orange, Raspberry, Black Cherry

Calories:  0

Where to buy:  Steaz

Website: Steaz Facebook Twitter

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