Steaz Zero Calorie Iced Teaz Drinks


Zero Calorie Green Tea Drinks! I grabbed two Steaz Zero Calories Iced Teaz Drinks from Whole Foods Market the other day and it was on sale too. According to Steaz, “It is a family of flavorful, great-tasting, all-natural, organic and fair trade tea-based beverages. The essence of Steaz is that it allows you to discover a better way that is “good for the mind, body and soul”. This “better way” starts with only using the highest quality ingredients sourced from socially responsible farmers and supply partners. The Steaz culture is steeped in triple bottom-line business practices focused on our core values of People, Planet & Profits for our Fair Trade farmers.”

Steaz Zero Calories Iced Teaz DrinksSteaz Zero Calories Iced Teaz Citrus

Upon popping the can, there’s a very light citrus aroma coming out from it with subtle tea scents as well. The color of this Steaz Zero Calories Iced Teaz Citrus tea drink looked closed to lightly lemon color. The texture was clear, smooth and with a bit of carbonation. As for the taste, my reaction for the very first sip was “OMG!” The citrus flavor was right on the spot and it wasn’t overly strong either. The light sweet and sour tastes were also balanced pretty well. As you drink more, the taste gets better and there’s no bitter taste at the end after you swallow down the sip instead it gives you subtle hint of tart taste. The drink itself was very smooth and pleasant to drink. The natural sweetness was well touched in terms of the taste. After finishing half of the can, you could tell or sense the flavors in more details. By the way, there’s a bit of dryness feeling for aftertaste.

Steaz Zero Calorie Iced Teaz Citrus

Steaz Zero Calories Iced Teaz Peach Mango

The aroma coming out from the can was mainly Mango and occasionally the peach scent will show up after sniffing it for couple seconds. The color and the texture were exact the same as the Citrus flavor in the above. As for the taste, I was expecting the same reaction that I had for the Citrus flavor, but it turned out not exactly what I expected. The first couple sips tasted flat and didn’t know what I tasted because the flavor shows up fast and vanishes fast. After couple more sips, there wasn’t any peach or mango taste that you could recognize easily from the flavor. When your mouth processes the sip, you first get greeted by the light sweet taste and then end with strong dry sour taste. After you chug down half can, you could sense the subtle peach and mango flavors in the taste, but still difficult to fully taste the flavors. Again, there’s a bit of dryness feeling for the aftertaste.

Steaz Zero Calorie Iced Teaz Peach Mango

The ingredients for Steaz Zero Calories Iced Teaz Citrus and Steaz Zero Calories Iced Teaz Peach Mango are almost the same with the exception of citric acid being added to Citrus flavor. According to the label on the can, “Our premium brew uses the finest tea leaves and is simply made with; Filtered water, natural erythritol (natural sweetener), natural flavors, malic acid, Fair Trade Certified organic green tea extract, Stevia and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).” Also, each flavor contains 50% Vitamin C and 100% natural green tea.

Steaz Zero Calorie Iced Teaz

Overall, both flavors were easy to chug down and personally I like the citrus flavor better than the peach mango because of the taste. For those who like light fruity taste tea drinks, these two could be the alternatives if you couldn’t find what you were looking for and besides it’s Zero calorie. I’m still looking for their third flavor that’s in Steaz zero calorie iced teaz drinks.


Price:  $2.50

Size:  16 fl. Oz / 473ml

Aroma: Citrus / Peach-Mango

Taste:  Citrus / Peach-Mango

Calories:  ZERO

Where to buy:  Whole Foods Market

Website:  Steaz  Facebook   Twitter   YouTube


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