Steaz Zero Calorie Goji Blackberry Iced Green Tea


Recently, I’ve received four samples of unique tasting flavors from Steaz to try out and these four new flavors: Lightly Sweetened Grapefruit Honey, Unsweetened Passion Fruit, Unsweetened Dragon Fruit and Zero Calorie Goji Blackberry. Now, Steaz is green tea based Beverage Company in the U.S. and their tea is organic. They also make energy drinks as well. The purpose with Steaz is to make the best tasting natural green tea beverage on the planet.

Steaz Goji Blackberry Iced Green TeaYou could sense a light berry aroma coming out from the can once you open it up and you could smell the freshness of the tea by putting your nose right against the opening for couple seconds. If you pour it into a container and smell it, somehow you won’t get the true freshness of the drink. Now, by looking at the texture and color, it reminds me of champagne Cocktails that had long time ago. As for the taste, first sip tasted clean, smooth and light. There’s a refreshing sense of excitement after couple sips. As for the flavor, the Goji Blackberry was not noticeable but the green tea taste seems to be there. After finishing one third of the can, the flavor kind of started to add up but it still wasn’t convincing because the only chance that you will get to detect that flavor was right after you swallow down the sip. It fades away very fast but the subtle hint of the flavor made it more curious to want to drink the tea.

Steaz Zero Calorie Goji Blackberry Iced Green TeaIngredients for this Steaz Zero Calorie Goji Blackberry Iced Green Tea includes: Filtered Water, Natural Flavors (Goji, Blackberry, & other), Erythritol, Citric Acid, Green Tea, Stevia, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), and Malic Acid. Organic Fair Trade Certified.

Steaz Goji Blackberry Iced Green Tea Facts


Price: Sample

Size: 16 FL (473ML)

Calories: Zero

Where to buy: Whole Foods Market Store

Website: Steaz Facebook Twitter

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