Steaz Organic Lightly Sweetened Black Tea with Lemon Iced Teaz


Not long ago, Steaz introduced a new beverage line to the public called organic iced teaz and it comes with five different fruit flavors with one Mint flavor as of right now. I thought I should give it a try since it’s organic and it doesn’t hurt to try it out right? So I bought one bottle of Lightly Sweetened Black Tea with Lemon from Whole Foods Market. This iced teaz is a mixture of fair trade certified premium black tea, lemon juice, and cane sugar. They said “It’s good for the mind, body and soul.”  I don’t believe that but lets find out how it tastes.

Upon busting the cap, there’s a lightly sweetened lemon scent coming out from the canned bottle and the scent was very recognizable compare to other lemon flavored tea beverages. The color for this iced teaz was sort of like brown sugar water and the texture was more like a cloudy day. The first couple sips were very refreshing and you could actually taste the bitterness of the black tea. As you drink more, you start to sense the lemon flavor in this iced teaz and it balanced very well with the black tea because you could taste both flavors within one sip, unlike other beverages where one dominates the other. The sweetness of this iced teaz was also very well touched because after chucking down half of the bottle, you still won’t feel like it’s too sweet. As many of you know, the taste tends to add up over period of time, but not in this case. I guess the pure cane sugar created this effect. There’s no aftertaste that you did normally would find in other lemon flavored iced tea.

For those who are concerned about health benefits, this Steaz Iced Teaz has 40 calories. The ingredients that created this tea beverage are: organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, natural flavors and all natural organic black tea brewed in the USA. Also, it has 120mg natural antioxidants. By the way, the black tea is from Kenyan.

I was expecting the taste to be an all sweet tea before I started tasting it, but it turned out to be the opposite and the taste was great. One problem about getting this iced Teaz is that I have to take an hour train ride to get it. For those who like to drink iced tea, this is one that you should definitely try it. Now, I’m wondering which flavor I should try next.


Price:  $1.19

Size:  16 Fl OZ / 473ml

Flavor:  lemon tea

Aroma:  lightly sweetened Lemon

Calories:  40

Where to buy:   Location

Website: Steaz Facebook Twitter

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