Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Vanilla Flavored Coffee


Starbucks has just introduced their new VIA Ready Brew Flavored Coffees to the coffee drinkers today and they will available in Starbucks stores throughout U.S and Canada starting as of right now. The flavored coffee comes with four different flavors: Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel, and Cinnamon spice. According to Starbucks, from October 6 – 9, customer will get a free tall beverage of their choice when they purchase any flavor of their four flavored coffee. Since I can’t wait to try their new VIA Ready Brew Instant Coffee, I bought a pack of Vanilla flavored coffee to try out. It blended with natural flavors and used cane sugar as sweetener.

As you can see from the picture, each single-server packets are very well designed in terms of the graphics and fonts. Upon tearing off the single-serve packet, there’s a warm mix aroma of coffee and vanilla coming out with a subtle sweet scent. The coffees inside the packets are mixed with little cane sugar squares and if you dip it using the tip of your tongue, it actually tastes bitter. Now, after you mix the coffee with hot water, the aroma changes to bitter scent. The vanilla aroma becomes less recognizable and the first couple sips tasted quite different than what I had expected based on the aroma. Even though it did taste lightly sweetened as advertised, but as for vanilla and natural flavors, it was very hard to recognize. However, this flavored coffee tasted better than all the previous VIA Ready Brew Instant Coffee flavors so far. For those who don’t like pure coffee taste, you might want to add milk or cream to it when using these. For me this works out well or I can add soymilk.

The Starbucks VIA Vanilla Flavored Coffee is made from 100% roast arabica beans, natural flavors and a touch of cane sugar. Each single-serve packets contain 60 calories, 13g of sugar and 15g of total carbohydrates. The calories from their VIA Ready Brew Iced coffee is less than their new flavored coffee. It seems “Starbucks is the first company to offer a nationally branded instant coffee in the U.S. that uses only natural flavors and cane sugar-no artificial ingredients.”

I have tried couple VIA Ready Brew Instant Coffee ever since Starbucks introduced it to the public and I must say that this Vanilla flavored coffee is by far the best. It seems Starbucks is making a pretty well progress on their VIA Ready Brew instant coffee since Colombia Coffee, Italian Roast coffee and Iced coffee. Not only they are making better, the price seems are getting higher as well.


Price:  $6.95

Size:  6 single-serve packets

Flavor:  Vanilla Coffee

Aroma:  Vanilla Coffee

Calories:  60 for each packets

Where to buy:  Your local Starbucks Store

Website:  VIA Twitter Facebook Youtube

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