Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Christmas Blend Bold


Couple days ago, Starbucks debuted their new VIA Ready Brew Christmas Blend Bold Coffee to the coffee world and hoping to capture the holiday spirit. The Christmas Blend is available in Starbucks stores throughout U.S and Canada. According to Starbucks, “VIA Ready Brew Christmas Blend begins with the signature blend of spicy and cedary, deep and syrupy aged Sumatran coffee, mellow Asia/Pacific beans and lively coffees from Latin America that has made Starbucks Christmas Blend a favorite for the past 25 years. The blend has all the same components as our very popular Christmas Blend, but it’s ready whenever you are. With 100% naturally roasted Arabica beans you can create a sweet and spicy cup anytime, anywhere.”

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Christmas BlendThe package design for Christmas Blend is very attractive and appealing and the box itself looks like a cigarette box. As for the design on the packets, it’s simpler than all the designs on the previous packets because this time it only has an illustrated person on the packet. Upon tearing off the single-serve packet, there’s a strong dry roasted coffee aroma coming out from the packet and the texture of the coffee inside the packet is actually very smooth and clean. After you pour in the hot water with out adding anything, you still get the same bold lightly spicy flavor as the regular Christmas Blend and you can not the difference between regular and instant.

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Christmas Blend

The Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Christmas Blend Bold Coffee is 100% natural roasted instant and microground Arabica coffee and the blend combines Sumatran coffee, Asia-Pacific beans and coffee from Latin America. The packets are way smaller than all the previous VIA Ready Brew Flavored coffee packets. It’s about one fourth the sizes of the previous packets if you really wanted to know.

Overall, I still like the previous VIA Ready Brew flavored coffee because it tasted more appealing than this Christmas Blend to me. These packets are so small that you can actually put them in your pockets where ever you go. This is actually a good gift for those who loves to drink coffee.


Price:  $10.95

Size:  1.4 0Z /39.6 g – 12 packets

Flavor:   Coffee

Aroma:  Strong Roasted Coffee

Calories:   Coffee

Where to buy:  Local Starbucks

Website:  Starbucks Facebook Twitter

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