Starbucks myStarbucks Mobile Application For iPhone And iPod Touch


Every day, people around the world drink Starbucks beverage and it has becoming a part of their culture, no matter where you live. Now, the recession and fierce competition are forcing everyone to come up new ways to expand their business or to survive in the industry.  So, how would the world largest retailer of branded coffee maker to expand more? Well, since everyone is trying to expand their own brand on mobile applications, Starbucks is doing the same thing. Their official iPhone application is called myStarbucks and it gives more options for their customers to choose what they want to drink or eat.

Starbucks MyStarbucks Mobile App

The Starbucks iPhone iPod Touch Applications provides a lot of useful and cool features that will make your experience of getting a coffee a lot easier.  One of the features that I consider most useful is the store locator because it provides not only the closest location of the store, but also shows the direction, store hours and stores with drive through service.  I hope Starbucks will not hate me for this because sometime I use the app to find a restroom. Hey, when you need to piss, nothing matters right?

Starbucks MyStarbucks Mobile App

Apart from the store location feature, there are servers more useful ones. The drink builder in the app allows you to build your own customized coffee drink. You can make either a hot coffee drink or a cold one. For each different drink that you want to make, it comes with many options for you to adjust to the drink. For example, you can adjust how much milk you want to add to your drink and add the kind of toppings, syrups, shots and add-in you want from default. After your drink has been made, you can give it name and shared it with your friends. The food menu provides a whole list of food items that Starbucks sell in the store and each item contains nutrition information and the allergens.  Another feature is the coffee menu, it shows many categories on brand coffees and each has a description and photos for the specific coffee.

This app helps so much for those who constantly looking for place to buy good quality coffees when traveling because they will always know where to go buy coffee.  From Starbucks addict customer point of view, the app should be constantly updating the latest information on store locations and let their own employees know that there’s an Starbucks iPhone app so that they will know what customer are talking about when comes to ordering a drink.

Starbucks MyStarbucks Mobile App

Starbucks MyStarbucks Mobile App


Platform: iPhone and iPod Touch

Cost: Free

Rating: 5/5

Size: 5.6MB

Website: Starbucks

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