Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha With Whipped Cream


I went to a Starbucks store last weekend and I noticed that they change their menu board again. It seems true for all other Starbucks stores around where I live. Each store has its own unique menu board design with many different drinks to choose from. Well, I ordered a Grande Iced White Chocolate Mocha with whipped cream under their signature drinks rather than the usual Tall Hot Chocolate or Tall Hot Green Tea that I always order. Do you think Coffee is a healthy beverage?

The beverage has a unique creamy milky bitter cigarette flavor. The drink tastes a bit lighter at the top than the taste at the bottom in terms of their bitterness and sweetness. After you sip few times, you will feel the bitterness in your throat. The white chocolate syrup and milk blend really well with the coffee because they created a unique combination of sweet and bitter flavor. If you mix whipped cream with the drink, it will add more sugary taste to it.  Also, if you view from the top of the cup, it looks like someone has just thrown up. A better way to taste the true flavor of the drink is by gargling it in your mouth like the way you do in the morning with Listerine. After you finish the whole cup, you will feel you have been smoking sugary cigarette all day.

Overall, it’s a good decent delicious coffee drink for those who are sugar and coffee addicts. If you think it’s too sweet, then what you need to do is to let the ice in the drink melt a little bit so that it will reduce a portion of that sweetness. Another option would be to tell the person who makes the drink for you to put less pumps and if you are a newbie like me then you should read the guide on how to order drinks from Starbucks. It took a while for me to finish it because I want to drink it at the rate that is proportional to the melting rate of ice cubes so that I can enjoy it thoroughly.

If there aren’t any Starbucks stores around where you live or feels like your wallet is dying from Starbucks every day, then you should do a Google search for the recipe on internet and you will find many different ways of making it. Also, there are a lot of feedbacks or reviews from those who have tried and if you haven’t taste the Iced White Chocolate Mocha with Whipped Cream, give a try and you might like it!


Price:  Between $3 to $5 and depends on what size you order.

Size:  Grande – 16 oz.

Flavor: Chocolate Coffee

Aroma: Coffee Aroma

Calorie:  470

Where to buy: local Starbucks store.


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    Reviews and news on energy drinks will come soon.


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