Starbucks Delicious Dark Cherry Mocha


I haven’t tried any new beverages from Starbucks for a while and lately I heard everyone is talking about how good the Starbucks Dark Cherry Mocha taste is. So, I thought I stop by the Starbucks store near where I live and pick one up to see if it’s really that delicious. Well, this beverage is an espresso drink from Starbucks and it’s combined with bittersweet chocolate sauce, dark sweet cherries and steamed milk. The drink is topped with sweetened whipped cream and few chocolate chips. Also, it is a high calorie drink for those who are concerning their health when comes to what they intake in their daily diet.
Dark Cherry Mocha Drink

The first sip gives me an impression that it’s going to be a very sweet drink and you can’t really taste the dark sweet cherry flavor in the drink for the first few sips because the taste is not obvious or you can said its not the dominate flavor in this drink. You have to really taste the drink to get the essence of the cherry flavor. If you try to smell it, then you need to have a filter nose in order for you to smell the cherry flavor. I was expecting a strong cherry flavor in this beverage, but instead it’s a mix of bitter and sweet flavor with addition of steam milk. The dark chocolate in this drink is the dominate flavor and the aftertaste is really bad because it makes you thirsty. If the drink is less sweet and add more cherry flavor into it, then it will be perfect. I love the milk chocolate flavor.

I think the drink is not bad at all, it’s just a bit too sugary for me and not enough of cherry flavor taste in the beverage. If you would like to know more details about this drink, please visit here. Also, you can pick up a “Nutrition by the cup” brochure in your local Starbucks store for all the nutrition facts listed in every Starbucks drink from cold to hot.  Wondering when will be the best time to drink this beverage? Do you like Dark Cherry Mocha from Starbucks?

Price: $3.95
Size: Tall, 12 FL OZ 354mL
Flavor: Dark Cherry Mocha
Smell: Chocolate Aroma
Nutrition: Website
Where: You local Starbucks Store
Website: Starbucks Facebook Twitter


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  • Josh Allen

    I have thought about trying the Dark Cherry Mocha myself. Have not yet done so. I typically don’t really like the new drinks that Starbucks tries to push on us all the time. There is a reason that most of them don’t last. They just aren’t that good. Remember the banana drinks they were hocking several summers ago? Don’t see those around anymore.



    Are they doing trail and error approach for their new drinks? Drinks are like friends, some stay and some don’t.


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