Sprite Limited Edition LeBron’s Mix


Last year, Sprite introduced Sprite 6 Mix by LeBron James and Sprite is bringing it back. Now, it’s called Sprite LeBron’s Mix. The drink is a lemon-lime soda with cherry, orange and other natural flavors. It’s available in 16-ounces cans and 2-liter bottles nationwide retail stores. Previously on the bottle label, they printed whole name out and now it’s just LeBron with a crown on top of it. If you see that and you know that’s King James. Since I missed the Sprite 6 Mix, I thought I should give this a try and see what does it tastes like.

Sprite Lebrons MixThe aroma came out from the bottle smelled like vanilla flavored cream soda with subtle hint of orange scent. The drink itself is just another Sprite Lemon-Lime with some natural flavors by looking at the texture and the color. As for the taste, first sip tasted very light with subtle bitter hint at the end after you swallow down the sip. After couple sips, it tasted close to a lightly lime flavored cream soda. There wasn’t any cherry or orange flavor that you could sense from the drink in the beginning, but do you get to detect a slight cherry overtone later on. Also, the sweet taste of the drink wasn’t a big issue either after finishing two cups but it started to add up beyond that. This drink did taste better than the regular lemon-lime soda from Sprite.

Sprite LeBrons MixThe ingredients for Sprite Limited Edition Flavor LeBron’s Mix includes: Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Benzoate (To Protect Taste).
Sprite LeBrons  Mix Facts


Price: $2.00

Size: 2 Liter (67.6 FL OZ)

Calories: 150 x 6 = 900

Where to buy: Stop& Shop

Website: Sprite Facebook Twitter

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