SoBe Zero Calories Black And Blueberry Flavor Life Water


The competition for providing tasty beverage has always been fierce in the beverage industry, but now gears toward providing both healthy and tasty beverages to the public and everyone wants to part of it. Since there are so many beverages to choose from, I snapped up a bottle of the Sobe zero calories black and blueberry flavor life water to test it out and see if it’s good comparing to other related beverages. By just looking at the design of the bottle, it shouldn’t be that bad I thought.

The berry aroma coming out from the bottle was very refreshing and it was not overly heavy or strong, it’s just right. The color of this life water makes you think that you were sucking human blood like the vampires while you were drinking it, but of course the texture of real blood would be more thick and dense. Another comparison would be close to grape wines that you drink either all the time or occasionally. My reaction to the first couple sips was “wow, fresh berry” because it tastes so fresh and natural. As you drink more, the clean, crisp and refreshing taste never went away and makes you want to chuck it down right away. The sweetness of this life water never gets stacked up in your mouth and makes this flavor even more pleasant to drink. Apart from the flavor, it’s close to vitamin water zero beverages. As for the berry flavors, you really couldn’t tell the specific taste difference between black and blueberry in this combined berry flavor during the whole drinking process, but it did give you a sharp sense of recognizable berry flavor. As for the aftertaste, just like vitamin water zero, there’s no aftertaste.

For those who are concerned about health benefits, this life water contains zero calories, zero sugar and lots of vitamins. It is a nutrient enhanced hydration beverage and it provides a great source for antioxidants. As for vitamins, it has vitamin C, E, B6, and B12. Some of the ingredients worth mentioning from this beverage are: Erythritol, Food starch, Xantham gum, Gum Arabic, and Reb A. Since on the bottle, it says “No artificial sweeteners,” then where is this sweet taste coming from? Well, it’s the Rebaudioside A (Reb A) ingredient because it’s a natural extract from the stevia plant and contains no calories. Another factor would be the Erythritol ingredient which is a natural sugar alcohol and it occurs naturally in fruits and fermented foods.

I really like this beverage because of the taste and it’s close to some of the vitamin water zero beverages. I can’t wait to try their other Life water flavors! Which one should I try next? By the way, this is another perfect fit for those for are diabetics because it’s sugar free.


Price:  $1.12

Size:  20 Fl OZ / 591ml

Flavor:  Berry

Aroma:  Berry

Calories:  0

Where to buy:  Your local supermarket

Website:  SoBe Twitter Facebook YouTube Myspace


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  • inspin

    Glad you liked this. I’ve been enjoying stevia-sweetened Sobe Lifewaters since they were first released. There are a ton of flavors. Vitamin water finally joined in just a few months ago and I welcome the alternative, but they can’t beat the flavor of the Sobe offerings. As a diabetic who strives to avoid Splenda and it’s predecessors, I’m happy for more choices with Reb A stevia (which looses the other 3 steviosides and with them the licorice/bitter aftertaste). Try all the flavors to see what suits you, but I like the acai punch, cherimoya punch, strawberry dragonfruit and strawberry apricot best. The only one I don’t usually get anymore is the yumberry pomagranite. Like you, I find them so refreshing they are quite chuggable…which is very smart on the part of Sobe. I’m a huge fan.



    Yea, I’m going to try all their Zero Calorie Lifewater.


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