Snapple Limited Edition Tea Will Be Loved Created by Maroon 5


She Will Be Loved to Tea Will Be loved! Snapple and Pop-Rock band Maroon 5 created an iced tea called Tea Will Be Loved in support of Feeding America. The flavor is a five-fruit mash-up based on each members of the band chosen flavor. This limited edition Tea Will Be Loved will help to provide meals to those who are in need. Also, it comes with gold Snapple caps with Real Facts about Maroon 5 and Feeding America.

According to Snapple, “As part of the partnership, Snapple and Maroon 5 will donate $250,000 to Feeding America. Feeding America is a network of more than 200 food banks that serve every community in the United States by distributing food and grocery products through more than 61,000 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other emergency feeding centers. Feeding America serves more than 37 million Americans, including 14 million children and three million seniors.”

Snapple Limited Edition Tea Will Be Loved Created by Maroon 5

Upon busting the cap, there’s a lightly sweet tart fruity aroma coming out from the bottle and it was some what refreshing. After you sniff around the bottle opening for couple seconds, you could sense the existence of Pomegranate, Raspberry and Lemon scents in this so called Maroon 5 Fruit Mash-Up drink. The color of this Tea Will Be Loved drink looked close to dark brown color and the texture was similar to your normal tea drinks. As for the taste, the very first sip tasted close to lemon tea with subtle sweet taste. After couple more sips, the fruity flavor started to show up and it was pleasant to drink. After chugging down half of the drink, the fruity flavor was light and it balanced pretty well with the tea flavor since neither one dominates the other. When your mouth processes the sip, you first greeted by the light sweet fruity tastes and ends with subtle tart taste with tea flavor after you swallow down the sip. As for the fruity taste, you could sense the lemon and the berry flavors, but lemon was easier to recognize. There’s no aftertaste for this Tea Will Be Loved drink from Snapple.

Snapple Limited Edition Tea Will Be Loved Created by Maroon 5

The ingredients for this Snapple Limited Edition Tea Will Be Loved Created by Maroon 5 include: Filtered Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Tea, and Natural Flavors. It contains 150 calories, and 36g of sugar. Also, it says Maroon 5 Fruit Mash-Up on the label and that means each member of the band picked their own flavor. The five flavors are Pomegranate, Orange, Raspberry, Blackberry and Hibiscus.

Snapple Limited Edition Tea Will Be Loved Created by Maroon 5

Overall, I like the fruity taste from this Tea Will Be Loved iced tea created by Maroon 5. If you want to support Feeding America, you should grab one. Even if you don’t like Snapple or Maroon 5, you should get one anyway. By the way, it would be better if they offer free download of the song She Will Be Loved. Also, The Real Fact that I got was “Maroon 5’s Adam Levine has a tattoo that reads Mom.”

Snapple Maroon 5 Tea Will Be Loved


Price:  $1.09

Size:   16 FL OZ / 473 ML

Aroma: Fruity

Taste: Fruity

Calories:  150

Where to buy: Snapple Maroon 5 Fruit Mash-Up “Tea Will Be Loved” Tea 16 ounce bottle (6 pack) [Limited Time Only]

Website:  Snapple   Facebook  Twitter   Youtube

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