Skinny Water Lemonade Passionfruit Diet Drink


The other day, after a long, painful and exhausting exercise, I went to a supermarket to get a bottle of water. In the beverage section, there were many varieties of drinks to choose from, but the brand name that caught my attention was the Skinny Water and sounds like a healthy beverage. I bought a Lemonade Passionfruit flavor of Skinny Water with 0 Calories, 0 Sugar and 0 Guilt in it. According to Skinny Water, it contains Vitamins A, B, C, E, Calcium, Potassium and EGCG and it suppose to give you all the skinny you need. Also, it will take care of the rest if you eat healthy and exercise regularly. All flavors of Skinny Water have natural flavors and colors with no preservatives.
Skinny Water

The design of the drink bottle is almost the same as the Vitamin Water bottle, except a little skinner and I think it is a pretty smart move in terms of marketing. When I open the cap, there was a fruity sweet smell coming out of the bottle and it’s similar to Vitamin Water. I did not smell any passion fruit or lemonade from the drink itself.  According to the information on the bottle, there’s no sugar in the drink, but I still tasted a bit of sweetness in the drink. Also, you have to finish the whole bottle in order for you to actually realize that there was a lemonade flavor in the drink. To me, the smell was way better than the actual taste of the drink. Imagine a bottle with only fresh aroma and no liquid in it.

I haven’t tried other flavors from Skinny water, but the one I kind of lean toward trying is the Peach Mango Mandarin. If anyone has tried already, let me know what the taste is like. For those of you who sit’s in front of computer all day and don’t want to move and want to be skinny, I think this drink might be for you because it tastes better than regular water, help you to get skinny and it will force you to get up and go to the restroom.  Also, for those who are tired of drinking plain water, you might want to give Skinny Water a shot.  Hala back!


Price:  $1.00

Size:  16fl oz/473ml

Flavor:  Lemonade Passion fruit

Aroma: Fruity Sweet

Nutrition:   Vitamin A, B, C, E, Calcium, Potassium and EGCG.

Where to buy:  Your local supermarket

Website: Skinny Water

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  • Bonnie Campbell

    Please tell me where I may purchase the flavors of Skinny Water Peach Mandrain Mango, Pink Berry Citrus and Passion Fruit Lenonade? I would purchase by internet but cannot find them on there either. Thank You in advance for the info



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