Sidral Mundet- Popular Apple-Flavored Soft Drink From Mexico


Recently, I was contacted by a marketing agency in Los Angeles called Rocket XL and asking if I want to try out a popular apple-flavored authentic Mexican soft drink called Sidral Mundent. According to their source, “Sidral Mundet is made with natural sugar and no artificial flavors or color, Sidral Mundet boasts a unique and delicious taste. Started by Don Arturo Mundet in 1920 and it still remains the 100% Mexican soft drink with a flavor that really does come from real apples.” It is distributed in the United States by a company named Novamex.


Natural Apple Flavored

Upon opening the bottle cap, a very apple juice like light scent coming out of the bottle and the first reaction I get after first few sips was, “wow, this is Coke Cola.” However, as you drink more, you can actually taste the natural apple flavor and it’s very refreshing. The sweetness in the drink is very well balanced with the apple flavor and sourness of the drink. It’s pretty tasty and a lot better than other apple flavored soda drinks that are out there. Since I always wanted to try something different with drinks, I added a teaspoon of Vanilla Swiss Almond flavored Ice Cream into the drink and the taste turns out to be creamy, sweet and sour vanilla apple juice with almond. What a complicated taste! You can try other ice cream flavor and let me know if it’s good.

Green Apple Flavor

After popping the bottle cap, you can smell the fresh green apple aroma coming out from the bottle and at the same time hoping the drink won’t be as sour as the real green apple. After couple sips, surprisingly, the taste is total opposite of what I expected because it’s not sour at all and it actually tastes better than the red apple flavor soda. This flavor is also very refreshing and tasty. Also, the beverage is not overly carbonated. Since I put a teaspoon of ice cream into the previous drink, why not try it again with this flavor. The surface of the drink looks like whipped cream has been added and the green apple flavor did not get taken over by the sweetness from ice cream. I guess it all depends on how much ice cream you put it in. One thing for sure is that the drink becomes less carbonated after adding ice cream. As result, carbonated green apple ice cream is born.


For health concerns, there’s no not much big difference between the two flavors in terms of the ingredients that each have used. Both of them used carbonated water, natural sugar, apple juice, caramel color and sodium. However, Green Apple flavored added Malic acid, yellow 5 and blue 1.  Since this is soda, there aren’t any vitamins or health benefits that you can get from drinking it, except the great taste that comes from real apples.


Both apple flavored soda tastes great and I’m pretty sure they can be used or mixed with other food, not just ice cream. Let me know if you find a good combination. For me, I like the Green Apple flavor because I’m not into sweet drinks.


Price:  Review

Size:  12 FL OZ   355ml

Flavor:  Red Apple, Green Apple

Aroma:  Fresh Apple

Nutrition:  Sugar 27g, Sodium 70mg.

Calories: Natural Flavored 130 and Green Apple Flavored 110

Where:  Your Local Supermarket
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