Samu Thai Coconut Water


Just recently, I received a box full of coconut water drinks from SAMU for tasting. Now, I’ve tried many different branded coconut water beverages before, so it won’t hurt to try out another one. According to SAMU, “We are here to define an entire new segment-the Entertainment Beverage-by synthesizing the smoothest mix of entertainment, refreshment, and empowerment.  SAMU will be sponsoring the hottest parties on and off campus in server key cities in the United States.” Imagine all the hottest parties on the campus serve coconut water drinks only?

Samu Thai Coconut Water

After SAMU had been chilled for an hour in the fridge, there’s a lightly pleasant coconut aroma coming out from the can when you pop it open.  There wasn’t any huge difference comparing to other branded coconut water beverages that are on the market today based on the scent and color. The only slight difference would be the carbonation and without pulp. As for the taste, the first sip was GOOD because it was refreshing, not overly sweetened, and the amount of coconut water flavor that you get tasted in the mouth was right on the spot. After couple more sips, you could tell it tasted almost same as the raw coconut water.  After sipping down half of the can, the flavor still stayed same as if it was your first sip. The sweet taste and coconut flavor never got stacked up in the mouth and it was smooth and pleasant to drink. Comparing to the raw coconut water, the only difference would be the light carbonation in the drink. As for the aftertaste, there’s a subtle dryness feeling in the mouth.

Samu Thai Coconut Water

The ingredient for this Thirst Intelligence SAMU Thai coconut water include: 100% All Natural Thai Coconut Water, and Pure Thai Sugar.  It contains 90 calories, 19g of sugar, 65mg of sodium and 450mg of Potassium.

Samu Thai Coconut Water

Overall, I like this SAMU Thai coconut water and thanks for sending the samples SAMU Beverage! By the way, according SAMU the U.S Energy and soft drink market is $115 billion and U.S Coconut Water market is $350 million. No wonder there are so many coconut water brands out there on the market and there’s no sign of slowing it down.


Price: Sample

Size: 11FL (310ML)

Calories: 90

Where to buy:

Website: Samu Facebook Twitter


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