Rémy Martin V – The First Clear Spirit From The House Of Rémy Martin


For those who are interested in alcohol drinks, the house of Rémy Martin introduced their first clear spirit Rémy Martin V and it is also the first product of its kind in this category.  The V pronounced “Vee” which is derived from the French word “Vie” for “life”. Rémy Martin V blends the savoir-faire, rich flavor and aroma of the House of Rémy Martin with the smoothness and mixability of the premium vodkas, tequilas and gins, but unlike vodka it has a subtle flavor and sophisticated aroma.  It is fresh,smooth, clean and easy to drink with subtle hints of pear and nuances of fresh mint. While enjoyable on its own, Rémy Martin V is meant to be mixed—it blends perfectly with any traditional mixer or prepared as a cocktail.

The Process

“Grapes are harvested in the fall from the finest Rémy Martin crus in the region of Cognac. Grapes are then double distilled on the lees in small copper pot stills by the master distiller according to the same proprietary process of Cognac. Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet then blends these strictly selected eaux-de-vie (a French expression meaning “water of life”) to reveal its unique aromatic intensity and flavors. Rémy Martin V is filtered right away using a process that chills the spirit to -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit)—ensuring its transparency, smoothness and clean taste. This ice-cold filtration process takes place throughout the winter. The spirit then rests during the spring to allow the flavors to marry and mellow—it is available for consumption from the summer onwards.”

“Special Rémy Martin V Launch Initiatives Rémy Martin has partnered with renowned NYC mixologist Charles Hardwick, the Founder of DrinkMarkt, a company that handles event-related beverage consulting. For the occasion of the launch, Hardwick has developed a series of cocktails with the new clear spirit: “The Belmondo,” “The Femme Fatale,” “The Victor,” and a fizz cocktail named “The Verve” Additionally, exclusively designed Rémy Martin V bartender kits are being produced to include precision Japanese cocktail mixing tools in a sleek and modern silver carrying case. To support the brand’s “clear” proposition, a new campaign has been developed to portray the mixable spirit as electrifying and energizing.  The new clear spirit’s tagline plays on the brand’s current “Things are getting interesting” campaign—with Rémy Martin V, “Things are clearly getting interesting.” Expanding upon Rémy Martin V’s promotion of life, light and electrifying energy, a series of branded custom made accessories have been produced, including light projectors, illuminating display units and ice buckets.”

“Remy Martin V right now is available in San Franciso and Atlanta. The brand intends to expand into other key consumer metro markets.”

Information provided by Remy Martin marketing agency.


Size: 50Ml, 200ml, 750ml, 1Lt

Website: Remy Martin V Remy Martin Facebook

available now in San Francisco


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