Reliant Recovery Water


Last week I received a sample package from Recovery Water for tasting and inside the package contain all of their three flavors: Original, Essence of Cucumber & Mint, and Essence of Peach. So what’s Recovery Water? Based on the provided information, “Recovery Water enables your cells to process at a higher level. Created from patented technology and resulting from years of scientific research, Recovery Water has been proven to support your body’s natural restoration process. Regular hydration with Recovery Water enables cells to process at a higher level. Stronger cellular function will reduce physical stress, accelerate recovery, and strengthen your body’s core activities. Your results are personal, individual and backed by Proven Science. ”

Reliant Recovery Water

Science behind It:

Recovery Water’s patented, cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing your body’s cellular function. Scientists from a Tacoma, WA-based biotech company have developed Recovery Water using a special electro-kinetically modified process. In this process, Recovery Water is infused with charged Nano-structures, which are proven safe to consume and highly effective in promoting healthy cells. Our scientists have effectively enhanced the water without changing the natural, healthy properties of it. Recovery Water tastes, looks and hydrates just like water but also improve the body’s natural recovery process. Here’s the link to published Research.

Reliant Recovery Water

Flavor Information:

Original: In its original flavor, Recovery Water looks tastes and hydrates like pure water. Recovery Water offers the same healthy qualities of purified water but with added benefits. Original Recovery Water has no added ingredients other than minerals for enhanced electrolytes, so drinking our original flavor is just like drinking clean, crisp, refreshing water- except better!

Essence of Cucumber & Mint: Recovery Water combines this delicious duo of flavors to provide hydration and optimal recovery with a refreshing taste. Only adding natural flavors, Essence of Cucumber & Mint has no sugars and no artificial sweeteners. Nothing is added that would affect the inherent benefits of Recovery Water, so it still hydrates and fuels your body the way it’s supposed to.

Essence of Peach: Essence of Peach offers the healthy benefits of Recovery Water with just a touch of sweet summer flavor. While we’ve added natural flavor to our Essence of Fresh Peach, we haven’t added sugar, artificial sweeteners or any ingredients that would interfere with Recovery Water’s many benefits to your body.

Essence of Fresh PeachThe above information is provided by the Reliant Recovery Water PR except images.

After trying each flavor, here’s what I had experienced in terms of the taste. The original Recovery Water tasted just like any ordinary water that you drink every day. You really couldn’t tell any difference from other brands. As for the Essence of Fresh Peach, there’s a refreshing peach aroma coming out from the bottle once you open it and it’s somewhat strong too. Since it’s a water product, it just looked like your everyday water drink. As for the taste, the first sip tasted like tap water that you get from your kitchen faucet. As you sip more, you could sense there’s a light peach taste in the water. It definitely tasted better than your regular water due to its peach flavor and makes it even more pleasant drink. As for the Essence of Cucumber & Mint, it’s my favorite flavor out of the three because the aroma coming out from this flavor was refreshing and you could sense the cucumber aroma right from the beginning without putting your nose against the opening to detect the scent. As for the taste, the first sip was only the mint flavor that showed up. After couple more sips, you could sense the cucumber flavor was there but it wasn’t convincing enough to truly taste the flavor. Also, when your mouth process the sip, you greeted by the cucumber taste first and ends with mint flavor after you swallow down the sip. The combination of cucumber and mint was great because it makes it pleasant and fun to drink. As for the recover faster and feel better after drinking it, I really didn’t notice any huge impact after drinking these water.

Essence of Cucumber and Mint

Reliant Recovery Water Facts


Price: $3 for every 16.9 fl oz bottle

Size: 16.9 Fl OZ ( 500 ml)

Calories: 0 Calories per bottle

Where to buy: Here

Website: Recovery Water Facebook Twitter


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