Refreshing Taste Of AriZona Organic Yumberry Green Tea


With the growing of producing organically grown products in the market, Arizona has introduced a new beverage line called organic teas and they are certified USDA organic green tea. As of right now, there are three flavors available and they are all mixed with green tea. The three flavors include: Pomegranate, Yumberry and Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. I picked up the Yumberry flavor from a local supermarket because I love the taste of Yumberry and hoping that I can get back some of those good memories when I taste the flavor. It’s been a very long time since I have tasted the flavor because there’s no such fresh berry in New York City.

Upon busting the glass bottle cap, there’s a light sweet mix of berries aroma coming out of the bottle and the aroma is not strong enough to distinguish the Yumberry aroma. The taste contains a little bit of sourness in the drink, but the most dominate taste is the sweetness from organic honey and organic cane juice. Also, there’s a taste of mix berries and green tea flavor in this bottle. In addition, if you have tasted real Yumberry fruit before, you will know that the natural Yumberry flavor does not exist in this beverage. If they did, then it’s over taken by other flavors. However, this flavor seems to be very refreshing and easy to drink. Compares to other mix with green tea flavored drinks, this has to be in one of my favorites list and there’s no aftertaste in this drink that you would normally find in other similar green tea beverages. By the way, can you really taste the difference if the drink is organic or not?

Organic Arizona Yumberry Green TeaAs for nutrition facts, you can look at the picture on your left. Ingredients for this AriZona green tea beverage contain many organic elements. They used organic evaporated cane juice, organic fruit and vegetable juice, organic tea essence, organic honey, organic Yumberry juice and organic green tea. Now you know why this is called organic.

Overall, I like this beverage and it would be great if you can actually taste the yumberry flavor. This drink contains less than 1% juice and 100% natural flavors. Now days, everything is natural flavor and organic. The next flavor to try between Pomegranate and Ginseng will be the Ginseng if I can find it.


Price: $1.49

Size:  20 FL OZ   591mL

Flavor:  Yumberry Green Tea

Smell:  Light Sweet Green Tea

Nutrition:  Calories 50, Vitamin C

Where:  Local Supermarket

Website: Drink Arizona,Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube

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