Red Ribbon Sodium Free Grape Soda Drink


Grape soda with no sodium! This Red Ribbon sodium free Grape soda is made by the Natrona Bottling Company in Pennsylvania which is founded in 1904. It’s a small, independently owned bottling company that produces high soft drinks. Their beverages are made using real cane sugar and other good ingredients. According to the company, “Whether you desire to recapture the tastes you loved in your youth, or you’re young and want to get the real experience of how proper “pop” is meant to taste, you’re sure to be satisfied with our wonderful products!”

Red Ribbon Sodium Free Grape Soda

There’s nothing unique about the glass bottle and it seems to be the standard bottle that companies use for their soda drinks. The label design is some what attractive because it gives you a vintage kind of feeling. Right after you popped the cap, there’s a strong grape scent coming out from the bottle and it’s pretty refreshing. Well, the color of this soda drink is similar or close to ruby red color and the texture is same compares to regular soda drinks, but this one might have a bit more carbonation in it. You could actually taste the grape flavor in the first couple sips and it wasn’t sweet at all. However, it wasn’t that sweet compares to all the popular soda drinks. As you drink more, the taste just kept on getting better in terms of the grape flavor. It tasted refreshing, smooth and pleasant. When your mouth processes the sip, first you greeted by the sweet taste with grape flavor and then end with a subtle tart taste after you swallow it down. What’s better was that both tastes did not add up through out the whole drinking process. The balance of sweet, sour and the grape flavor was very well done. As for the aftertaste, there’s none with the exception of having ruby red color on your tongue.

Red Ribbon Sodium Free Grape Soda Drink

Red Ribbon sodium free grape soda is made using: Filtered Carbonated Water, Sugar, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Natural and Artificial Color, and Citric Acid. As for the nutrition facts, there’s none on the bottle label and I’m still searching for it. If you happens to know about this soda drink and would like to share the information with others, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

This drink is not easy to find, and if you happens to find it, then you have got to try this Red Ribbon sodium free grape soda because it just taste that good. The grape flavor was just awesome. So far this grape flavored soda drink has been the best among other grapes sodas that I’ve tried in the past. By the way, all of their flavors are naturally caffeine free, and all but Pennsylvania Punch are sodium free.


Price:  $2.35

Size:  12 FL OZ /354ML

Flavor:  Grape

Aroma:  Grape

Calories:  unknown

Where to buy:   Here

Website:  Natron Bottling

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