Red Ribbon Original Cherry Supreme Soda


Found another soda drink made by Natrona Bottling Company in Pennsylvania and its called Red Ribbon Original Cherry Supreme Soda. Those who had it before said it was really good and I had to try it myself to see if it’s the real deal. So I bought one the other day. This beverage is made using real cane sugar and other good ingredients. According to the company, “Whether you desire to recapture the tastes you loved in your youth, or you’re young and want to get the real experience of how proper “pop” is meant to taste, you’re sure to be satisfied with our wonderful products!”

Red Ribbon Original Cherry Supreme Soda

The label design on the bottle looks close to old school and it’s kind of representing how long they are in this business. Also, I guess they used red color as their main color for this soda drink because the color of cherry and I like the font style of the word cherry on the label because it’s very stylish from designer point of view. Upon twisting the cap, the drink just burst right out from bottle and it was all over on the floor. Anyway, there’s a lightly sweetened cheery scent coming out from the bottle along with the carbonation. The color for the soda was obviously red and the texture was smooth and clear. Before I had first couple sips, I wasn’t expecting the soda to have real or even close to cherry flavor, but it was pretty close. The first couple sips tasted really good, but as you drink more, you start to notice that there’s a creamy hint after your mouth processed your sip. The sweetness of this cherry soda wasn’t too sweet or overly sweetened. I would say its average compares to your usual soda drinks. By the way, it tasted refreshing and pleasant to drink. On another thought, this reminds me of cheery flavored Popsicles in a way. As for aftertaste, I didn’t detect any.

Red Ribbon Original Cherry Supreme Soda

The ingredients for this Red Ribbon Cherry Supreme Soda Drink includes: Carbonated Water, Sugar, Flavor or Artificial Flavor, Citric Acid and color. As for how much calorie does it contain, I have no clue at this point and it didn’t say on the bottle label either. It’s same for the amount of sugar and Carbs as well.

Red Ribbon Original Cherry Soda

Overall, I love this Red Ribbon Cherry Supreme Soda and it will certainly be on my favorite list.  One thing I have to say about this soda is that it’s hard to come by.

Red Ribbon Original Cherry Soda


Price:  $2.35

Size: 12 FL OZ / 354 ML

Flavors: Cherry

Aroma:  Cherry

Where to buy:  Here

Website:  Natrona

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