Red Fruit and Blue Fruit Teas from Snapple TEAcision 2016


Who won last night’s second presidential debate? Well, Snapple launched two new seasonal flavors – a Red Fruit Tea and a Blue Fruit Tea for this year’s presidential election. By just looking at both drinks, the only difference I could tell was the Red Fruit Tea contains small tea leaves at the bottom of the bottle and the other one did not. On the bottle label, it said “Issues and insults, nominees and name calling, pundits and polls, Take a break with Snapple’s TEAcision 2016. Try Red and try blue – which one is for you?”

Snapple TEAcision 2016

Blue Fruit Tea

My first reaction after the bottle opened for the first time was “What’s so special about this tea” because I couldn’t smell anything that could represent this flavor and I got the same reaction for the first sip of this tea drink as well. It just tasted like a regular iced tea beverage. There wasn’t any sweet taste in the flavor and you couldn’t recognize the fruit flavors mentioned on the bottle label either.  After a couple more sips and you let the flavors sink in a bit, you could sense that you got greeted by this watery tea flavor first and then fades with this subtle mixture of sweet and tart taste at the end after you swallow down the sip. Since I couldn’t tell whether the Blueberry or Blackberry flavor existed in the beginning, so I just kept on sipping it and eventually Blueberry started to show up. As for the Blackberry, there’s no sign of it in the taste. Also, the tea flavor itself started to add up as well and it left a strong aftertaste in your mouth. The drink itself leans toward fruity tart taste more than sweet taste.

Red Fruit Tea

The aroma from the bottle was totally dominated by the Raspberry scent from the moment you open the bottle till the end of finishing the whole drink. The first sip tasted lightly sweet with fruity flavors. It all started by greeting you with sweet taste first and then ended with a subtle tart taste for each sip. After couple more sips, you could tell the taste was kind of watery. There was no sign of Pomegranate or Cherry flavors in the taste in the beginning and all I could think of was when they will show up. Halfway through the tasting process, you start to sense the Pomegranate flavor but it didn’t stay long enough for you to actually recognize it immediately due to the suppression by Raspberry. You had to wait for the flavors to add up a bit in order for you to truly sense the existence of the flavor stated on the bottle label. There wasn’t any heavy tea like aftertaste compares to other tea drinks.

Snapple Teacision 2016

Ingredients for this Red Fruit Tea include filtered water, sugar, citric acid, tea, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Cherry flavored tea with other natural flavors.

Ingredients for this Blue Fruit Tea include filtered water, sugar, citric acid, tea, Blueberry, and Blackberry flavored tea with other natural flavors.


Price: $1.29 Each

Size: 16 FL (473ML)

Calories: 120

Where to buy:  Retail Stores

Website:  Snapple


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