Ralph And Charlie’s Carrot Strawberry Juice Drink


Fruits and vegetables beverages are healthy and you can enjoy everyday. The company who made this healthy beverage product is based in Brooklyn New York City. The color of the drink is similar to those V8 drinks and I think it can be used to add a little bit more of excitements to your entertainment, whether it’s gaming or watching movies. When you are into what you are doing, everything that’s related will have an affect on you. Since the beverage color is similar to the blood color, you might be thinking that you are drinking zombie’s blood or “This is Sparta! Tonight, we drink Carrot Strawberry Juice in hell!”

This drink tastes a bit thicker than other drinks, sweet, and a little sour. You can smell the sweet strawberry aroma coming out of the bottle when you open it. When you drink it, you can’t really taste the true strawberry flavor; instead it’s the carrot flavor that dominates. In the beginning, you can’t taste the sourness in the drink, but later on after couple sips, you can feel it in your tongue. What puzzles me is that where did the sourness come from. There’s no sourness in carrot or strawberry. After looking through the list of ingredients, I found acidity regulator in the drink and that makes the drink taste sour. Once you finish the drink, the bottle still contains a strong smell of the flavor and it’s really hard to rid of the smell from your mouth. Also, if you can’t finish the drink, you might want to put it in the fridge because it helps to keep the drink fresh and healthy.

This is my first time trying out a fruit and vegetable mix healthy beverage. I think this drink is pretty good in terms of the taste, I prefer not too thick and it shouldn’t be that sweet. Other flavors from Ralph and Charlie’s are Carrot Cranberry, Green Apple Kiwi Pineapple, Carrot, Ruby Red Grapefruit Pomegranate, and Multi-Vitamin Fruit Infusion. On the Ralph and Charlie’s website, they showed Carrot Apple Strawberry, but no Carrot Strawberry flavor. I guess they improved on that juice drink.


Price:  $1.99

Size:  18FL OZ (532mL)

Flavor:  Carrot Strawberry

Smell: Fruity Sweet

Nutrition:   Vitamin A, C

Where:  Your local supermarket

Website: www.ralphandcharlies.com


  • IceTT

    Love your blog, very insightful and interesting!

    Keep it up!



    Thank you and I’m glad you find it insightful.


  • Susan

    That’s odd. I don’t think it tastes sour at all. I’ve replaced my morning orange juice with this since it has half the sugar.


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