Rainforest Cola-Natural Antioxidant Acai Infused Cola


Rainforest Beverages introduced a soft drink that you can feel good about drinking to the beverages world couple weeks ago and it’s called the Rainforest Cola. The soft drink itself is a health friendly, weight friendly and diabetic friendly drink according to Rainforest Beverages. Also, the Rainforest Cola is a “clean and refreshing all-new, all-natural-, beneficial, true Cola with a subtle hint of berry, Rainforest Cola delivers the taste, the sensation, the satisfaction and the fun of traditional Colas without guilt or concern. Each of Rainforest Cola’s all-natural ingredients originates from the Rainforests of the World which, in addition to real Cola taste, deliver an energy boost not found in traditional Colas.”

Acai Infused Rainforest Cola

I like the design on the can even though the rainforest feeling wasn’t there, but it’s very attracting and eye catching. Some how it gives you the high premium energy drink brand kind of feeling based on the design. When you first open the Rainforest Cola, there’s a light Cola aroma coming out from the can and it’s much more recognizable than regular Coca Cola. As for the flavor, the first couple sips surprised me because I was expecting the taste to be similar to the regular Coca Cola and it turns out to be the opposite. The taste was a lot less sweet than the regular Coca Cola and less carbonation as well. Also, it tasted similar to diet flavor, but more smooth, clean and refreshing. The Stevia used as sweetener in this Rainforest Cola definitely tasted better than the HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) used in regular Coca Cola. After half way through the can, you could smell some sort of roast scent from the drink and  there’s a little bit of energy boost after you chuck down the whole can.

This Rainforest Cola is different than the regular Coca Cola you drink every day because it’s 100% natural, no artificial preservatives, infused with Acai Berry and all other natural elements that health conscious people would want from a drink. The ingredients for this Rainforest Cola includes: Water, Sugar, Acai juice, Caramel color, Natural Flavor, Malic Acid, Panax Ginseng Root Extracts, Tartaric Acid, Guarana, Stevia Rebandiana Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine (from green tea), and Kola Nut Extract. For this 12 FL oz can, it only contains 35 calories, 7g of sugars, and 8g of total carbohydrate. The sweetener used for this Rainforest Cola is called Stevia which is totally different than the sweetener used in Coca Cola and Pepsi.  More Here

Acai Infused Rainforest ColaOverall, I love this Rainforest Cola. Not only did it gives you the taste of Cola, but also gives you the benefits from drinking this coal based on the beneficial ingredients that they have included in this healthy beverage.  More here. If you haven’t try this Cola yet, you don’t know what you are missing. By the way, it would be nice if these are available in the New York City. Thank you for sending the sample, Rainforest Cola!


Price:  Sample Review

Size:  12 FL OZ / 355ml

Flavor:  Cola

Aroma:  Cola

Calories: 35

Where to buy:   Here

Website: RainBev Facebook Twitter


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