Programmable Bottle With LED Display From Medea Vodka


In the digital age, the possibilities of using technology are beyond our wildest dreams. A Holland based company called Medea Vodka has introduced the world first interactive programmable bottle with LED display. You can tick up to a max of six messages in the display and each message can hold 255 characters max. Also, the display comes with two different colors and the choices are red and blue. You can watch their video on how to program messages on the bottle below and if you have more questions, you can visit their website.
Medea Vodka

How to Program a Message on Your MEDEA Bottle from Medea Spirits on Vimeo.

I think the idea of displaying messages on a bottle is pretty cool because you can use it as a tool to start a conversation with others in a bar or at a party. Also, you can display whatever messages you want to the person that you are sending this gift to. However, what can you do with the bottle after you finish drinking it? Also, which recycle trash can are you going to place it in? By the way, the idea of displaying message has anything to do with the idea of message in a bottle?

“Please drink & program responsibly” from Medea Vodka


Price: $40

Size:   750mL

Where:  Wine and Liquor Store.

Website:  Medeaspirits Twitter Facebook


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