Plantation Style Mint Julep Soda Drink


Bubbles of fresh tasting mint in a soft drink and mixer! This Plantation Style Mint Julep is just like the Red Ribbon sodium free Grape soda, both are made by the Natrona Bottling Company in Pennsylvania which is founded in 1904. It’s a small, independently owned bottling company that produces high soft drinks. Their beverages are made using real cane sugar and other good ingredients. According to the company, “Whether you desire to recapture the tastes you loved in your youth, or you’re young and want to get the real experience of how proper “pop” is meant to taste, you’re sure to be satisfied with our wonderful products!”

Plantation Style Mint Julep

The label design on the bottle is pretty unique and I have no clue what the picture is indicated to. My guess would be probably something that has to do with the history of the drink. Anyway, after you open the cap, there’s a fresh mint scent coming out from the bottle and it’s quite similar to the mint mouthwash aroma that you used every morning or night before you go to the bed. The color of this Mint Julep drink is in light green color and it’s a lot lighter than the Jones Soda Green Apple. As for the texture, it’s same as regular American soda drinks, but this one contains a bit less carbonation when compared to Coca coal or Pepsi. For the first couple sips, you could already taste the mint flavor, but it wasn’t that recognizable. The taste was smooth, fresh and similar to mint flavor toothpaste, but it’s sweeter. As you drink more, the more convinced you feel about the similarity between the mint mouthwash taste and this Mint Julep drink. Also, if you pour the soda drink into a cup and leave there for few minutes, the carbonation seems to be leaving faster than other soda drinks. The sweetness and mint flavor were very well balanced because none dominates the other. However, the mint flavor needs to be a bit more “true”. As for the aftertaste, there’s none.

Plantation Style Mint Julep

There aren’t many ingredients used for this Plantation Style Mint Julep soda drink. It only used: Filtered Carbonated Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Flavor and Color. Now, I assume the so called flavor ingredient is the mint flavor and not sure whether is natural or artificial. Again, there’s no nutritional fact label on the bottle and I’m still searching for it. If you happens to know about this soda drink and would like to share the information with others, please let me know.

Overall, this Plantation Style Mint Julep soda drink is not bad at all. I definitely recommend people to try it if you are fine with mint flavored toothpaste taste. One thing I would suggest is that they should definitely put the nutrition facts about the drink on the bottle since everyone is concerned about their health in a healthy way now days.


Price:  $2.35

Size:  12 FL OZ /354ML

Flavor:  Mint

Aroma:  Mint

Calories:  unknown

Where to buy:   Soda Pop Stop

Website:  Natrona Bottling

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