Pepsico New MiRiNDA Fiesta Fruit Punch Soda Drink


Last time I tried their new MiRiNDA fiesta pineapple flavored soda drink and it tasted great. Now, I found another New MiRiNDA Fiesta flavor and it’s labeled as fruit punch. Again, the label contains both English and Spanish for the drinks information. For this flavor, the label design gives you a fruity kind of feeling rather than tropical and the color used for the label design was mainly red. Its natural fruit punch flavor with other natural flavors and it’s 100% naturally sweetened.

Pepsico New MiRiNDA Fiesta Fruit Punch Soda Drink

There’s a lightly sweetened fruity aroma coming out of the 2L plastic bottle and it did smell like a fruit punch soda drink.  The color of this fruit punch looked bloody red and the carbonation was similar to ordinary soda drink with the exception of extra carbonation. The non-stop small bubbles kept on coming up to the surface after you pour out the drink into a container. If you put your nose near the surface, the bubbles will burst onto your nose. Also, if you let the drink sit a while after you pour it out, you could see the oily surface on top of the drink. As for the taste, the first sip tasted lightly sweetened fruity flavors and the flavor dissolves quickly in your mouth. After couple more sips, it tasted like fruity popsicles that you had when you were a child. As you drink more, you could sense the orange flavor in this fruit punch and cherry flavor as well, but the cherry flavor was more easily recognizable than the orange flavor. There’s no sign of pineapple in the flavor. When your mouth processes the sip, you greeted by the orange flavor first and then end with the cherry flavor after you swallow down the sip. The sweet and the fruity taste balanced quite well. The drink itself was smooth and pleasant to drink. There’s no aftertaste for this MiRiNDA Fiesta fruit punch drink.

Pepsico New MiRiNDA Fiesta Fruit Punch Soda Drink

The ingredients for this Pepsico New MiRiNDA Fiesta Fruit Punch Soda Drink include: Carbonated Water, Sugar, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Tartaric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Benzoate (Preserves Freshness), Modified Food Starch, Glycerol Ester of Rosin, REB A (Purified Stevia Extract), RED 40, Caramel Color, and Sunflower Oil.

Pepsico New MiRiNDA Fiesta Fruit Punch Soda Drink

Overall, I like the taste of this New MiRiNDA Fiesta Fruit Punch Soda Drink, but when you compare to the New MiRiNDA Fiesta Pineapple, I like the Pineapple over this fruit punch. Since I couldn’t find the 20 FL OZ bottle for this flavor, I grabbed the 2 liter bottle. The fruit punch flavor would be better if they could add one or two more fruit flavors in the mix.


Price:  $1.89

Size:   2 L / 2.1 QT

Aroma:  Fruit Punch

Taste:  Fruit Punch

Calories:  130 Per 12 FL OZ

Where to buy:  Local Supermarket

Website:  Pepsico  Facebook  Twitter


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  • Neeta Raina

    Aw come on. take some fresh fruit juice and add soda to it. Add some black salt and a twist of lemon etc. You get a much better drink.


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