Pepsi Throwback Made With Real Sugar Limited Time Only


It’s funny how life works when you are searching for something that you want it badly, it will not show up, but when you are not seeking for it, somehow it appears randomly in front of you. This is exactly what happened to me for finding this Pepsi Throwback soda. Couple months ago I was looking for it every where and yesterday it just popped out at the Target store. Pepsi Throwback has already come out different versions in the past and the big difference between each version besides the design of the label is the sugar used for the soda. Previously it says natural sugar and now its real sugar. As for which sugar is better, I did say none because those are all processed sugar, but they are better than HFCS.

When you break the cap, besides this familiar sound of “soda”, there’s a refreshing Pepsi aroma coming out from the bottle and it makes you want to chuck it down right away. The color and texture of this Pepsi Throwback are the same as regular Pepsi, but the carbonation seems a bit more than the regular ones. My reactions to the first couple sips were “Hey is this really Pepsi” because from past experience you expected to have similar taste, but it turns out not the case because it tastes a bit lighter and less sweet. Even thought they added a lot sugar in the drink, but it still tastes less sweet because it did not stay in your mouth for long. Also, the taste was a lot cleaner and crisp than the regular Pepsi. Normally when I drink the regular Pepsi, half way through the bottle, my throat feels got clogged and needs to spit it out, but for this Pepsi Throwback, I did not have that kind of feeling after finishing the whole bottle.

As for health benefits from drinking this Pepsi Throwback, not sure what you can gain from it besides making you happy, tasty and enjoying soda. The ingredients used for this version of Pepsi Throwback are: Carbonated Water, Sugar, Caramel color, Caffeine, Natural Flavors and Phosphoric Acid. Also, it contains 260 calories and 67g of sugar. By the way, this throwback has very low sodium according to the bottle label. People might said that if you drink too much soda, in this case its Pepsi, you will get cancer, cavities, diabetes, brown teeth, rotten stomach … etc, since I’m not a doctor and you can argue it either way, but at the end my only logical suggestion would be not to get addicted to it.

I really don’t like to drink beverages with High Fructose Corn Syrup and I’m glad that Pepsi Throwbacks comes with real sugar. I can say that this Throwback is one hundred times better than the normal Pepsi because the taste is a little bit lighter than the normal drink and it won’t clog your throat. Not sure if this is downfall for others, but to me, the amount of sugar added in this 20 Fl OZ is a bit too much. They should really replace the regular Pepsi with this Throwback!

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Price:  $1.49

Size:  20 Fl OZ / 591ml

Flavor:  Pepsi

Aroma:  Pepsi

Calories:  260

Where to buy:  Your Local Supermarket

Website:  Pepsi Twitter Facebook

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