Pepsi Refresh Project Is Giving Away Free Money


Pepsi is offering money to fund ideas that can be benefited for people, communities and societies in Health, Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter, The Planet, Neighborhoods and Education sectors. For each category, they are offering four different amounts of grant for ideas that are chosen by the public voters and the amount range is from five thousand dollars to two hundred fifty thousand dollars. As of right now, the refresh project is only for United States. So far in their grant cycle, more than one thousand of ideas have been submitted.

For a big company like Pepsi, I think it’s a great way for a company to spend their advertising money by giving away to those who has an idea on how they can have a positive change in their community or those who has an idea that can help other people’s life rather than just show some cool ads. Even though, the audience is much bigger in TV then those who wants to help their community during big events, but the meaning is much more valuable than just money.

If you have always thought about making some changes in the areas that Pepsi offers, then I would strongly encourage you to go to the Pepsi Refresh Project website and submit your idea. As for this month, they have already accepted 1,000 ideas and you can not submit for this month anymore. What you will have to do is to fill out their idea application form, save it and submit for next month. According to their website, “You will be able to submit your application starting at 12:00:01 a.m. ET on April 1st, 2010.”

Below is a list of ideas that I came up with after few soft drinks.

1-Provide a small customer information center office in a populate community where majority of people who have just moved to this place from other cities, states or countries and their language primarily is not English and they are looking for information that can help them to make their life easier. Information related to college, human rights, health care, etc. It will certainly cut down their rate of getting scammed by others because the information center will refer them to different government agencies or established legal offices.
2-Provide a free computer training center for people who are interested in learning computer skills. It’s mainly for those who has lost their job and can not compete with others who has more skills than they do and especially most of the jobs requires you to know how to use a computer and certain computer programs.
3-Buy gifts for homeless people during Thanksgiving.
4-Use money to buy paints and clean up the graffitists in your neighborhood.
5-Teach elderly people how to use gadgets. For example, not a lot of elderly knows how to take a picture with their cell phone and send it to their friends or family members. Also, how to send text messaging, browse internet with their phone, adding or deleting phone number on their phone book.
6-Create a location based web application for street vendors to promote their services or products. The site will allow vendors to put their information on the site so that other can reach them directly without going to the actual location. Sharing experiences with other vendors from other cities or countries.
7-Provide one on one free letters or documents translation for those who does not speak English.
8-Start a fund raising group to help people to raise their funds.
9-Create a donation website where people can donate money to help out families or individuals who has just experienced tragedy or lost of love ones. The catch is that those who have donated their money can vote on whether the money going to donate is acceptable or not. whoever donated money has the right to decide and right to know where the money is going.

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