Peach Mangosteen Immunity Juice Drink From Snapple


When I first saw this drink in the beverage section of a local supermarket, I thought it was vitamin water, and then I read the label Peach Mangosteen Immunity, realize it was from Snapple. What comes to my mind was “what the hell in the world is a Mangosteen?” So I bought the drink and went online did some Google search on it and found out that it’s a tropical fruit and it can help your body’s immune system. I guess that’s why Snapple put the word immunity on the juice drink bottle in a bigger font size so that it can be consider a healthy beverage.

For every new drink that I want to try, I always try to smell it first before I just start drinking it because it helps you to expect what taste you will be getting. So when I smell the drink, it was all sweet peach flavor aroma, and there wasn’t any other flavors that I can identify.  Well, probably the main reason I didn’t smell other flavor because I didn’t know what the mangosteen tastes like and what the smell should be. The first few sips weren’t that bad, after while the peach flavors taste kind stuck in your mouth and difficult to get rid of because of the strong peach scent. Also, it’s not that sweet and this drink wasn’t that special compares to other drinks that contain peach flavor, but the mixture with mangosteen makes it taste so good. The mangosteen contains vitamins C & E that helps to support your body’s immune system. Since I’m sick and coughing like crazy and thought this drink might help to boost my immune system.

There’s one thing that I do not understand is why would they have different bottle wrapper design for the same drink? They should advertise as a healthy beverage instead.


Price:  $1.49

Size:  17.5FL OZ (547mL)

Flavor:  Peach Mangosteen

Aroma: Fruity

Nutrition:   Vitamin A, C, E

Where to buy:  Your local supermarket


  • Dot Wilson

    Can’t find Snapple / Peachmangosteen at the store. Help me Locate it in Fl.


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