Peace Iced Tea: Imported Ceylon Tea and Green Tea


Peace Tea is whatever you want to be! After trying the Razzleberry flavor from Peace Iced Tea, I was hooked and I wanted to try more Peace Iced Tea flavors. Luckily, I found two more flavors in a local supermarket the other day. According to Peace Tea, “Peace Tea is based in the true meaning of Peace. Peace is a balance of a deep understanding in yourself and between others where a mutual respect results by accepting differences, displaying tolerance, erasing tensions and allowing each and every person to have a voice, an opinion, a right to be who and what they want to.”

Peace Iced Tea

Peace Iced Tea Green Tea Flavor

Upon opening the can, there’s a fresh tea aroma coming out from the can and it’s pretty close to tea drinks that you make for yourself using tea bags. Also, it’s unlike other green tea drinks where the only thing you could smell is dominate sweet scent. The color of this Peace Tea seems close to light yellow color. The texture is a bit cloudy compares to other green tea drinks and it comes with a little carbonation. As for the taste, the first sip tasted lightly sweet with subtle tea flavor. After couple more sips, you could sense the tea flavor in more depth and the whole flavor was very pleasant to drink. The tea flavor and sweet taste were very well balanced because none of them dominates the other and it wasn’t heavy at all. After finishing half can, the flavor still tastes like your first sip. Also, there’s a subtle tart taste after you swallows down your sip. There’s no aftertaste for this delicious Peace Tea.

Peace Iced Tea Green Tea

Peace Iced Tea Imported Ceylon Tea

You will not smell any scents from this can right away after you open it. If you sniff it like a dog around the can opening for about five seconds, then you will smell an aroma that’s similar to black tea. The color of this Ceylon tea is close to dark red and the texture is just like other iced tea drinks. As for the taste, my reaction after the first sip was just wow! It tasted truly awesome! I thought the first green tea flavor was good, but this one tasted way over the roof top. It’s not overly sweetened and the tea flavor was just well touched. As you drink more, the taste keeps getting better and better. It tasted smooth, clean and pleasant to drink through out the whole time while I was drinking it. Again, there’s no aftertaste and this flavor is addictive!

Peace Tea Imported Ceylon Tea

The ingredients for Peace Iced Tea Green Tea includes: Brewed Natural Green Tea (Pure filtered water, Green Tea), Sugar, Natural Flavors, Honey, Citric Acid, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Sucralose. Also, it contains 12g of sugar. The ingredients for Peace Iced Tea Imported Ceylon Tea includes: Brewed Natural Ceylon Tea (Pure filtered water, Ceylon tea) sugar, citric acid, natural flavors and Sucralose. Again, this flavor also contains 12 of sugar.

Peace Tea

Overall, I love these two flavors from Peace Iced Tea and so far my favorite is the imported Ceylon tea. I’m hunting more flavors from Peace Tea. For those who haven’t try it yet, you should definitely try it out if you see one.


Price:  $.99 each

Size:  23 FL OZ /  680 ml

Aroma: Tea

Flavor:  Green Tea /  Ceylon Tea

Calorie:  150

Where to buy: Here

Website:  Peace Tea Twitter Facebook


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    its actually 150 calories per can 50 calories per serving with 3 servings in one can



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